My home blog

Hi all!
I was thinking today how I never told you about my new home blog 
Its just a little something I started when we moved in to our new house some months back
 and I have been slowly posting little tidbits about the progression of things over there.
I'm so excited about this house because maybe just maybe we will live there for more than two years...I girl can dream can't she!


Alice Lane Giveaway!

One of my favorite inspiration blogs is

 I die for all of their amazing interiors and one day I will have my house looking just as amazing as all the beautiful pics they post of homes they have designed!

But until that day I will swoon over all the pictures of their shop and the goodies inside.
Wouldn't you just love to sink in to this bed after a long day.....and check out that light fixture!! 

I was lucky enough to see they are hosting a 
"oh I want to win that sooo bad"
 giveaway and even though I would love, love, love, love
this piece for me, I had to share it with all of you! 
Just click on the word giveaway above and use the link to enter!
Good Luck!
 I hope one of us wins!!


Our 10 Year Anniversary

Im a few days late with this post but I couldn't let the day pass with out writing about it.
Brian and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary and it was pretty magical.
He planned the entire weekend and it was amazing from start to finish. All I asked for was some romance and that is exactly what he gave me. 
From the massages to the luxury hotel to all the places we dined (there were a lot) the whole weekend was simply perfect.
I could not ask for a better husband or father to our girls. He loves me more than anyone ever has and he doesn't fail to show me how much all the time!
Marrying him is by far the best decision I ever made and he reminds by his endless amounts of love and encouragement everyday!

I cant end this without giving a peek of what he surprised me with at the end....

I may actually be the luckiest girl in the world.


Hello again....

Its apparently been awhile....
maybe like 2 years awhile....
sorry for that

We've had a few changes. 
Well for one, we moved again!
Yes, I said we moved again!

This time to a house that is not only ours (four years of leasing houses can wear on a girls nerves) but it's big enough for 3 kids!
3 Kids? 
Yes, I said 3 kids...3 little girls to be exact! 
Im happy to say that this coming October I will be a momma of 
Three Little Bugs!

Will the name change...um no...Avery bug asked me this already. 
I think we'll leave it alone, at least for now.

I am ready to start sewing again and that is good news.
I've had to go back to work for awhile so this made sewing regularly a not so easy a task..in fact impossible felt more like it. 
Which totally bummed me out because I love to sew and create fun stuff. 
Now I feel like Im finding some time to start again and let me show you my first little project.

I love it and I think it will be adorable on the bugs.
Thankfully it runs up to a size 8 which is exactly what Avery bug is wearing these days...phew. 
If you are interested in making your own, Pattern Anthology is the site and here is the link! 

Yay!! It feels good to be back!