Fairy Tale Girl

I want to thank all of you ladies out there that have such INCREDIBLE blogs! The ideas are so amazing and the inspiration is endless! So thank you!! I can only hope to be as talented as these women.
I have been working on some new ideas to get ready for the Trunk show...some good, some not! This dress just kinda came out of a few different patterns and well I really like the fabric that I chose for it. Its the same as the Rosie Ruffles and even though I didn't realize that till now..oops...I must really like that combo! Avery Bug just reminds me of a little girl you would see in a story book of hers. She isn't so sure about the flower on her head ( as you can see by her expression in one of the pics) but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!


Bugs and Worms!

We finally did it! We have a car that fits more than four people!! Whew Hew!! Mommy is happy!!! For all of you wondering....no it's not a minivan. Car shopping in is not fun when you are two and four and in the rain...NOT FUN MOM!! So what did the bugs do to have fun while they waited and waited for daddy to decide.....found worms! Oh to be little again!!

Yummy Waffles!!

Papa John sent us a new toy! Its a waffle maker and boy are we enjoying it!! We are still perfecting our technique so it was a little messy but boy o boy was it YUMMY!! The whole family joined in the fun and with a little strawberries and powdered sugar on top it was a great way to start our day! Thank you Papa!!


Rain Rain Go Away

Another rainy day for us. But still we somehow got in 8 miles today. We didn't melt in the rain but I am slowly melting in to this couch. Nothing says Sunday like a movie (even if it is Cars for the tenth time today) somehow my bugs know just when mommy is to just to tired! So no more millionaire matchmaker. HOld on! My wonderful neighbor just stopped by to take the bugs outside to puddle jump with her little ones! What a great neighbor!! So now I'm staring at this pile of fabric and wondering HMMM what it will be? Something great I hope!


So Much To DO!!

So its been awhile (again) and I know for someone who has just started blogging Im not maintaining very well...so here is my commitment to be a better blogger! This past week was filled with lots of milestones.
  1. I finished my first 13 miles...WOW!
  2. Claire went to her first prom...bigger WOW!
Now for the final WOW.....drum roll please.....
I am announcing my first TRUNK SHOW!
Sunday May 16th
Open House 1-4 pm
11084 Litchfield Place

There will be some of the things you see on the site but some new things too so come and see me if you can!
Now back to sewing!


Roses for Summer

I don't think that there is anyone out there that is ready for summer more us over here at 5335. I really can't get enough of this warm weather...loving it! With all this sun I thought we needed some color and flowers...always flowers! There you have it the Rosie Ruffles and I LOVE THEM! Emma bug is a big fan too. I know she is mine but really could she be any cuter?? We had fun taking pictures in front of all the shops down the street. She was loving all the attention from the people outside eating there. I have to say it helped with the pictures and then this nice lady gave her a lolly pop (even though it was 11am) and oh my it was smiles from then on!


New Skirts for a real Cutie Bug!

Hey all sorry its been a few days!
For all of you that don't already know, I am training to run my first half marathon! Yes that was one of my goals this year...run, run, run! Just a few months ago I was that person watching all those people running down the road in 20 degree weather saying " look at those crazy people, its freezing out there! " But secretly I always wanted to be one of them. I would envy that person at the gym who seemed as though they had been running on the treadmill for hours. I am so proud to say that person is me now! I ran my first 11 miles this Saturday and I'm going for the full 13 this Saturday..wish me luck. My point to all of this is that after running on Saturday I was pretty much mush the rest of the weekend and well the blog had to wait. But I am back and upcycling it is! This time for my good friend Jena and her adorable bug Lexi, really could they be ANY cuter?
I just love Jena and boy has she been helping my business along. Here are the two skirts made just for Lexi and I can't wait to see her in them. Pictures PLEASE. Maybe her mommy will send some our way and I can share them with all of you. hint, hint.


More upcycled tee's

Today was rather cold over here at 5335. For goodness sake weather make up your mind.
I have had a lot of sleepless nights lately with all these ideas racing thru my head. But the crazy thing is that when I actually begin the creative process the outcome is never what I originally planned. The good thing is I am (usually) happy with it. Even if I spend an entire day and at the end I don't have anything but a pile of fabric seam ripped apart, it's okay because at least I gave myself a lovely "don't do that again" lesson. Fortunately today was a productive day and I feel good because I made something old new again. Don't you love it when that happens? Avery bug is constantly reminding us to recycle and be "green" so I hope she is proud of mommy. I am using the word "old" loosely though considering most of what is to referred to these days as old isn't at all! I made some cutie pants for Emma and used the scrape fabric to embellish a matching shirt. Emma seems to like it and I feel like Two Little Bugs will be seeing something like this soon too!


Another day another dress

So the plan for the day was rain, rain , rain. Goodbye sweet sunshine, see you soon. There's no excuse today but to sew and that is what I did. Say hello to the Tree Blossom Dress! Inspired by no other than our beautiful tree. Take one pretty tree, a mens XXL tee shirt, a little inspiration and ta da! I had to take a minute (again) to appreciate our yard and with all this cold weather coming I thought I better bring some spring indoors. Do you like the chair? I'm always a sucker for someone else's trash. Two of these beauties were being tossed by our neighbor! Who would throw away such a treasure? So that was me, the nutty lady stealing my neighbors trash in the alley. One day it's trash the next it's a prop in my photo! Love it.


Touch of Spring

What a beautiful day we had here! The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the girls were playing and mommy was...well mommy was cleaning out the garage. Oh hum. But the birds were singing and it was lovely. So we had lunch on the patio. We got very dirty and we took a minute to enjoy this beautiful tree in our yard. The blossoms are so pretty. Warm weather was really here, if only for a moment.


Maybe a cupcake would help?

Another day of fun over here at 5335. The bugs "NEEDED" a cupcake today because apparently all the sugar that has been in their system the last few days may be wearing off! So off to Flying Cupcake we went and phew just before the rain. Mommy did her best to take the pictures of the new clothes but a cupcake was the only thing on these bugs minds. Can you blame them?


Farmers Market

The gentleman that owns the farmers market around the corner from our house was nice enough to let us take some pictures there. What is better than an apple and a soda when mom is trying her best to get some pics of the new clothes. Avery says she totally loves orange Crush and I would have to say if a picture tells a thousand words than yes Emma really enjoyed that Coke!


My Sweet Model

So I need to mention that Avery Bug is my best model and even though she dislikes doing this and that is the nicest way of saying it, she still does her best for mommy. So thanks bug, you really are the best!

A day to remember

Welcome to the first of many posts from my new blog! I wanted to start this so that all of you out there that care about what we are doing and I have to say I love that, this is for you.
So what would I tell you all about first....our day here of course.
The morning started off with the Easter egg hunt and what a success!
The rest of the day consisted of me sitting in front of this computer starting up my new site at Big Cartel...oh and I love it! Oh did I mention the bugs were on the sugar all day.