New Skirts for a real Cutie Bug!

Hey all sorry its been a few days!
For all of you that don't already know, I am training to run my first half marathon! Yes that was one of my goals this year...run, run, run! Just a few months ago I was that person watching all those people running down the road in 20 degree weather saying " look at those crazy people, its freezing out there! " But secretly I always wanted to be one of them. I would envy that person at the gym who seemed as though they had been running on the treadmill for hours. I am so proud to say that person is me now! I ran my first 11 miles this Saturday and I'm going for the full 13 this Saturday..wish me luck. My point to all of this is that after running on Saturday I was pretty much mush the rest of the weekend and well the blog had to wait. But I am back and upcycling it is! This time for my good friend Jena and her adorable bug Lexi, really could they be ANY cuter?
I just love Jena and boy has she been helping my business along. Here are the two skirts made just for Lexi and I can't wait to see her in them. Pictures PLEASE. Maybe her mommy will send some our way and I can share them with all of you. hint, hint.

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