Sweet baby bugs

I was going through all my pictures earlier and I came across these from last spring. I cannot believe how big my bugs are getting. It actually makes me a little sad. I would love to keep them small forever but what mother doesn't feel this way every now and again? This post is really more for me than anyone else. I just see these photos and I know how blessed I am. Now I'm thinking maybe the same spot every year? Isn't that funny because that's exactly what I'm going to do! You might be seeing these girls again soon. I do love those dancing ladies!

Bugs special crown

I once saw a shirt that said "All princesses wear crowns because sometimes its hard to remember how special you are." I thought how sweet and true! Sometimes we all forget how special we are and how sad is that? I never let a day go by without reminding my bugs how special and one of a kind they are. Avery Bug had her special day at school (oh the summer birthday) on Wednesday and of course she needed a special something! So of course what comes to mind....a PRINCESS CROWN! I was up at the crack of dawn looking at all the goodies in my sewing room....hmmm what will it be made out of, what color will it be? I love this stuff! This is what I came up with. Pretty cute, right? We think so!
Well I couldn't just make one...how boring! So I took a day off from sewing and I thought what a good day for some crafts. That and I had a lot of running from here to there today so crafts are a good idea for a day like that. I think I love these and so fun to wear! Yes this will definitely be something you will see at the fair.


Where are the clothes?

Okay so I've had a lot of stuff going on lately and as I was scrolling down through the posts I was noticing that there haven't been very many about the clothes. Well trust me I've been working on them!! I have a few projects in the works so keep checking back and I promise there will be something fun to look at soon! Thanks for putting up with me!

I did it!

So I just finished my second half marathon in 2 weeks and I am really proud of myself! This one was hard (TONS OF HILLS) and I thought I will be happy to just finish! Please don't let me get picked up with the road cones!
Not only did I finish but I did it in 2:16. I am proud of that number because it beat my last time by 5 minutes and this course was hills and the other one was flat all the way. Not a bad improvement for only 2 weeks! I couldn't run 1 mile 4 months ago! Seriously!
I guess the lesson here is nothing is impossible if you just believe you CAN do it! I just keep telling myself " you are stronger than yesterday". It's working!

simple things

Sometimes it the littlest gestures that make your day. I walked in to the sewing room (which was a complete mess after a day of creating) and this is what I find. Just one simple peony sitting on the cutting table. Just a little something from Brian to make my day a little better and you know what, it did.


Art Fair

54th and Monon Art Fair
is coming June 5th from 10-4 pm and guess who is going to be there? Oh you're all so smart...me! So please come by and see us!! Free hotdogs and lemonade all day...what else do you need?? I will have some things from the website and others you haven't seen and won't see on the site so don't miss this opportunity to get a one of a kind outfit for your cutie bug!
Check out our chalkboard!!! The bugs are not happy I stole it from them...don't worry it will go back soon! Claire made a stencil for me and look how cute it is! We made the sign and now I don't want to erase it. Avery bug and Emma bug are a little annoyed with me.

The house is constantly filled with the sound of my sewing machine buzzing away and its been a little to quiet the past hour or two....back to work!
See you at the fair!


Its so nice to have friends

I just couldn't go another minute without saying thank you to my friends Emily and Jena!! My first trunk show was yesterday and it was great! Everything was perfect, right down to the mini PB & J's! I cannot even tell you guys how grateful I am to have such wonderful friends who would take there Sunday and use it to help me and my business. Not to mention all the prep work that goes in to having people over to your house!! I hate to clean! So thank you Emily (you really are the best) for opening up your home so I could have it there and thank you Jena ( you are too) for getting the word out and helping out in all the other ways so it was successful. I really am blessed to be surrounded by caring, supportive and creative women whom I can share all this with. THANK YOU!!!!


Mothers Day

Im a little late with this post but I had tell you all what a wonderful Mothers Day I had! The best part was that we spent the entire day together doing nothing but spend time together! We had cupcakes for breakfast (seriously) and went to the playground. We had dinner with nana and grandad. Brian brought home my favorite flowers (peonies) and that was after he gave me this other arrangement after the race! It was a congratulations on your first half marathon bouquet...how sweet!
I am so lucky to have a family that loves me and shows me how much they love me everyday not just one special day out of the year. I hope you all had a wonderful day with your families and Happy belated Mothers Day to all those amazing moms out there that not only take care of there families but somehow find the time to make all these amazing things that keep me entertained and inspired everyday!!


Sewing Room

Just a peek at the room where I've been spending all my time and I have to say I love it in here...even if the mess is getting worse everyday! Yes that is a floor lamp sitting on the sewing table!


1,2,3 New Dresses to See!

Its been a mad dash around here to "GET IT ALL DONE"!
I finished my first half marathon this past Saturday!! Hurray for ME! I do have to say I am so proud of myself. Brian and Claire did awesome and doing it together as a family was better than the race itself. We enjoyed it so much that we are going to run another half marathon in 2 weeks! Then Chicago in August? We shall see.
Well the trunk show is a few days away and I've been working on all the new summer clothes...this is so much fun!!
Here is another peek at some of the new things you will see on Sunday. DRESSES!!


Francine Top

Lets hear it for Francine! Here is another cutie tank you will see at the show! We love summer because the clothes are so cute and fun! Don't you love it with the Double Ruffles??? WE DO!!


The Patio is Open!!

The Summer is upon us! Actually our idea of summer has started at 5335! The patio is officially open so here is a CHEERS to a glass of wine and relaxing under the stars and Brian wanted me to take all those lights down last fall....Pish posh:)


2 in 1

Introducing the two in one skirt! Its a skirt. NO WAIT. Its a shirt? Either way its so adorable!! It will be one of the pieces at our trunk show along with the Stripy Pant also featured in these pics! I will be leaving pictures of new items that you will see at the trunk show all week so keep checking the blog!



I honestly think I might just be that OCD! I am writing this because in that last post I was trying to make the point that its very late and "notice the time" of the post. Well I feel a little stupid because the time says like 9:57pm or something and it's 1:15 am right now! What the heck? Anyway its late and I'm tired and this is a ridiculous post but for the moment it makes me feel validated. I think?

Oh Emma Bug

Crazy busy doesn't even begin to describe the level of my business lately! Notice the time of this post! I can't seem to find the time in the day to GET IT ALL DONE!! But Keep Calm and Carry On stares at me and I follow. Well just because I can't get it all done...my Emma bug goes and makes life that much more fun for mommy. Lets just say Vasoline has FOREVER been banned from 5335!! No really..BANNED! Why you ask? Well she decided that an entire tub of it would look terrific in her hair, on her walls, all over her bed...need I continue? We have used baking soda, baking powder and now on loan from the neighbor...cornstarch (they say this is the one that will work) because we were all out. After 5 baths it is almost all out! God does not give us more than we can handle. I tell myself this a lot! She is teaching me patience and true unconditional love and although I will never let on to this, all of her craziness makes me giggle. I wish I had pictures of this so you could see her baby wig (thats what it looks like with all that cornstarch in her hair) but instead I added these of her enjoying the best frosty ever! Thank you God for giving her to me...I really can't imagine how boring life would be without her in it.