Art Fair

54th and Monon Art Fair
is coming June 5th from 10-4 pm and guess who is going to be there? Oh you're all so smart...me! So please come by and see us!! Free hotdogs and lemonade all day...what else do you need?? I will have some things from the website and others you haven't seen and won't see on the site so don't miss this opportunity to get a one of a kind outfit for your cutie bug!
Check out our chalkboard!!! The bugs are not happy I stole it from them...don't worry it will go back soon! Claire made a stencil for me and look how cute it is! We made the sign and now I don't want to erase it. Avery bug and Emma bug are a little annoyed with me.

The house is constantly filled with the sound of my sewing machine buzzing away and its been a little to quiet the past hour or two....back to work!
See you at the fair!

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  1. OMG! The chalkboard looks so good! So glad it ended up in such good hands. Can't wait to see youat the fair.