Bugs special crown

I once saw a shirt that said "All princesses wear crowns because sometimes its hard to remember how special you are." I thought how sweet and true! Sometimes we all forget how special we are and how sad is that? I never let a day go by without reminding my bugs how special and one of a kind they are. Avery Bug had her special day at school (oh the summer birthday) on Wednesday and of course she needed a special something! So of course what comes to mind....a PRINCESS CROWN! I was up at the crack of dawn looking at all the goodies in my sewing room....hmmm what will it be made out of, what color will it be? I love this stuff! This is what I came up with. Pretty cute, right? We think so!
Well I couldn't just make one...how boring! So I took a day off from sewing and I thought what a good day for some crafts. That and I had a lot of running from here to there today so crafts are a good idea for a day like that. I think I love these and so fun to wear! Yes this will definitely be something you will see at the fair.

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