Thank goodness for Goodwill

Now that all the family has left town we are back to our regular schedule and that means a trip to Goodwill. Oh how I love a bargin and I think I found a few today. I do try to make it to the 50% day every month but seriously I can't wait a month till each visit so full price it is! 
This is what we left with today.
Darling right? So I'm a sucker for blue, especially shoes and for $3. SOLD!

Hmmmm what to wear these with? I don't think this will be a problem.
Okay so I guess we can all see what was my favorite part of this purchase. 
Moving on to the other things....
Boys plaid shirt $2, ladies owl pajama pants $3, girls shortie $2
Total= $11

Goodwill was fun today, after I pulled the bugs away from the toy area we actually found some good deals. Its so funny to me that my 5 and 2 year old have the same reaction to shopping there that I have..."oh my goodness mommy look what I found" is all I heard during our visit. I love it. Treasures everywhere!

Just a little bag

I just wanted share this little bag with you because I think it turned out pretty cute.
Yesterday I was invited to a birthday dinner for one of my good friends and because I always like to bring a little something I thought of this.
She is always going somewhere so I thought that a little bag for her special things would be something she could totally use! Cute and practical.

 I love all the ruffles and I think I'm starting to like this unfinished look more and more. I just cut some fabric scrapes I had in to strips and using purple thread (that's what was in the machine at the time and did I say I was hurrying?) I did a gathering stitch on each one.

I pinned them to the outside fabric BEFORE I sewed it all together and easy peesy it was done! Oh and most important tip for unfinished edges... Fray Stop spray. I got mine at Hancock Fabric because (can you believe this) Jo Anns doesn't sell it! NOPE and when I asked for it they had no idea what I was talking about. 

It is a must have for projects like this and so easy to use. I think it was a little more than I thought it would be, like $10 but I'm so glad I went ahead and bought it anyway.

The only bad thing about this bag....now I want one!

and finally it's party day!

This year it was all about the princess. What five year old little girl doesn't dream that she is a princess? Aren't they all.
Avery bug is REALLY into princesses right now. I mean REALLY! Like EVERYTHING is princess related. I love it because about two years ago it was all trains and cars. Seriously! This will happen when your best friend is a boy who is at your house everyday! Well now we have moved on to all things girl and that means a lot of anything considered "so Cute" by the bugs. Avery wanted all the girls in princess attire so we sent out the invitation to come to the royal castle (our house) for an afternoon of treats (hot dogs and cake) and swimming in the royal pool (blow up from Walmart). It was about 100 degrees outside so the pool ended up being perfect! 

         Happy 5th Birthday Avery Bug!!                        We Love You!


Night at the Symphony for Avery Bug

Avery bugs birthday celebration continues....

With everyone in town we thought a great way to celebrate Avery's special day would be to spend the evening at Symphony on the Prairie. For those of you not familiar with this, it's the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra in concert at an outside venue. It's so much fun to pack dinner, a bottle of wine and go out and listen to beautiful music under the stars for an evening. With the cake in tow this is exactly what we did and had a blast! Marvin Hamlisch was the guest performer for the evening and little did we all know what that would bring.  Avery Bug was being her usual carefree self dancing around in front of the stage when Mr. Hamlisch looked down and out of no where said "hey little girl, whats that on your crown?" She responded with "a number 5" which lead into a entire conversation about it being her fifth birthday!! He then proceeded to sit at the piano and do a few different renditions of Happy Birthday which was very entertaining! After this he stood up and asked the entire audience of 3000 people to sing Happy Birthday to Avery (okay seriously at this point I was so stunned I almost cried) which they did! I can't even begin to tell you what it felt like to have thousands of people singing to my Avery bug. AMAZING!!! What can I say other than we will never ever forget that night and he now has a few more life long fans!! 
So thank you Mr. Hamlisch for an evening of a lifetime!


Who Wants Cake?

It's not a real birthday without cake, right? 

So on with the Cake! 

I have been dying to try this cake for awhile now. I just love it and what a better time than for Avery Bugs family birthday party. Yes, I said family party because never (maybe once) have we had a birthday fall on a weekend. So yes, we have a family party the "birth" day and a friend party on the weekend. Back to the cake.
 I love, love, love this cake. LOVE IT!  Together with my sister we decided to make the coolest rainbow cake ever! 

Here is our six bowls of cake batter ready for the gel food coloring.
This is the fun part... adding the coloring and then the magic happens!

   Aunt Brishen adds her own touch to the process

Here is our batter colored and ready to go...


Okay so now we layer the batter. We did not use the sprite version of the recipe, we just followed the directions on the cake mix box, maybe that's why my batter doesn't look so thick in the picture. Whatever it was fine this way.

in my haste I did not follow the directions correctly and didn't reverse the color order for the next cake pan. Oh well it was still fine.

The bottom layer out of the oven (up side down). Nice picture. Very clean counter. geesh

Here is our bottom layer baking away. Looks like something from outer space in there!

Here it is! 
I was a little late getting back from Toy Story 3 (yes we crammed it all in) and didn't have time to take frosting the cake pics so fast forward to the party....

It was a huge hit! Everyone was loving it.
 Thank you omnomicon for giving a great tutorial and for making Avery Bugs birthday even better! 

*because I didn't layer it per instructions it didn't turn out in the correct color order but like I said before....whatever.

*it was also 90 degrees outside so the frosting was melting down the cake. oh well.



Where Have I Been?.....it's Avery Bugs Birthday Week!!!

So its been a few days since my last post but for good reason....this was Avery Bugs birthday week!  Yes I said week and this is because even though I try to scale back each year with the festivities its hard not to celebrate my baby bug turning 5! I can't believe it! I'm sure some of you can understand where I'm coming from. This was a hard birthday for me because 5 means school and school means all day without me! So Sad! I'm sure I will be glad about this one day but this seems like a long time from now. So instead of focusing on her getting older in a bad way I celebrate, We celebrate! The family all comes in from out of town and it is a week full of fun and festivities!

Nothing kicks off a birthday like a very special treat on birthday morning.....YUMMY!!

She loves it !

No treat can really top the sprinkled donut but it IS her birthday week and little did Avery bug know just how many fun things where in store for her! I'm going to share it with you but for tonight this is all I can manage. I'm a little worn out.


 Happy Fathers Day Daddy!

Thank you for all that you do for us EVERYDAY! Thank you for working so hard and taking care of us the way that you do! We are so very lucky to have you! We LOVE You!

Thank you to all the dads out there that love their families and love their kids! I know so many awesome dads and I wish you all a very HAppy (late) Fathers Day!


KEEP CALM and .......

So I have been in love with these Keep Calm slogans for awhile now. I really don't know what it is about these signs but those words really do keep me calm. Weird?  
In case you don't know the story behind these delightful posters I will give you a little snipit, Here it goes....
In the spring of 1939 the war with Germany was on everyone's mind and the British Goverment's Ministry of Information commissioned a series of propaganda posters to be distributed throughout the country when the war broke out.
The posters were initially created to send a nice message from King George VI to reassure everyone that every measure was being taken to defend their country. The crazy thing is that the poster was never produced and was lost in time until 2000 when someone rediscovered it!  Now we get to benefit from these kind words everyday. 

I saw one of these signs on line and was so moved by the words Keep Calm and Carry On that I wrote it on the chalkboard in the kitchen and that is where they have stayed for over a year now. Many a days I have glanced up at that board in the midst of screaming bugs and thought, I can do that. I can be calm and clean up my third cup of spilled juice before 8am. I will carry on with the rest of the day and feel really good about it. Seriously it works! So the reason for this long winded post it that my birthday is in two weeks and what I really, really want is a new version of this poster for "my" room. The sewing room of course! 
The first poster had the words Keep Calm and Carry On on them, now there are so many more to chose from! Of course I want the sewing one and I wouldn't mind the running one.
I love it when you find something that just makes you happy and it's a very simple kind of happy. I like simple happy!

Brookie Bug

Meet our little cutie Brooke. She is Brian's god daughter and so sweet! Look at that smile....I couldn't ask for a better model for our Grape Jam Ruffles!

Poor Daddy is running out of shirts!!

Like I was saying in my last post I am so happy that it is finally warm enough to try out all these projects that I have been dying to try!
Even though it may be summer, I swear that the days aren't long enough....
can I get a few more hours please!
Well I finally was able to make the shirt dress and it's pretty cute. I have been looking at this shirt of Brian's hanging on the rack downstairs for a year now and well it may have been one of his "going out shirts" but alas those days are few and far between! Sorry honey. Waste not want not is what I always say and so Avery Bug had a new dress to wear to dinner last night.

A perfect dress for walking around town and eating ice cream!


Emma bug wears an old t shirt!

I have been waiting for warm weather so I could try out some new creations. I have to admit that if you sew, summer is better for making things. Some of you may disagree with me but when you walk into a fabric store ALL of the cutest fabric is cotton and that isn't the best for cold winter days!

IT'S HOT and HUMID! HURRAY! (again not all of you may agree with me)

I can finally try out all of these projects just staring at me and again Dana over at MADE has inspired me to try something new.... sewing with elastic thread .....and you know what, she's right, it's not that hard.
Well I tried it out this morning and... OKAY this dress is sooooo NOT perfect but that's okay because I have seldom made something that IS perfect the first time around!

I WILL GET GOOD AT THIS because it's so cute and just look at what a
Good will t-shirt can be.


Seven Years!

It's been seven years! Yes seven years of marriage for me and my hubby! We've done a lot in those seven years of marriage. We have lived in 6 homes, had two kids and been thru the best and the worst of it. It has been challenging and amazing all at the same time and I wouldn't have wanted to do it all with anyone else! I love you Brian!

The $6 dress

While at Walmart the other day, Avery bug and I ran across these little sundresses.
For $6 I thought what a perfect dress for days of playing outside, eating watermelon, freeze pops and anything else that would ruin one of our better outfits. Of course I couldn't just let it stay plain and boring, even a play dress needs some fun added to it!!
Avery Bug is going through a "purple" faze. I think this has a lot to do with our Claire loving purple and well Avery Bug (even though she would NEVER admit it) idolizes Claire.
Now I need to point out this was a last minute, we're leaving the house to go out for the day and I don't have time for a big project, project.....still it came out very cute. Less is more, right?

Here is my very first attempt at posting a "tutorial".

The $6 dress as it comes from the store...cute but not enough.

Now search thru your bin of old t shirts!
Don't have one?....raid your husbands drawers!

This is the one we chose.....lovely isn't it?

Now cut the longest strips you can. Make them about 1.5 inches wide. This way they don't flap over after you gather them and they stay flat to the dress.

Now with a seam ripper let's CAREFULLY remove the pocket! I was not careful enough and made a hole in the dress but no biggie cause that can be fixed later!

First let me suggest that you use bobbin thread the color of the dress and your top thread the color of the strip of fabric. It makes for a much cleaner look on the inside of the dress.
Now starting at the shoulder strap, start sewing the strip of t-shirt to the dress, gathering up the fabric as you go.
You can sew a gathering stitch on to each strip first but this isn't a must since perfection is not the goal! I think with a project like this a little imperfection is good.

It should look something like this

Now the other side

Now starting from the center of neckline, take another strip of t-shirt and as you wish just sew it down the dress gathering as you go.
Now remember I put that hole in the dress....I decided to coil it around in that corner where the hole was and Ta Da it's fixed!

Keep sewing and gathering making any design you wish, this can't be messed up!! I decided to cascade it down to the bottom of the dress and Voila it's done!

Avery bug loves it and I think we are on our way back to Walmart for some more colors today!