and finally it's party day!

This year it was all about the princess. What five year old little girl doesn't dream that she is a princess? Aren't they all.
Avery bug is REALLY into princesses right now. I mean REALLY! Like EVERYTHING is princess related. I love it because about two years ago it was all trains and cars. Seriously! This will happen when your best friend is a boy who is at your house everyday! Well now we have moved on to all things girl and that means a lot of anything considered "so Cute" by the bugs. Avery wanted all the girls in princess attire so we sent out the invitation to come to the royal castle (our house) for an afternoon of treats (hot dogs and cake) and swimming in the royal pool (blow up from Walmart). It was about 100 degrees outside so the pool ended up being perfect! 

         Happy 5th Birthday Avery Bug!!                        We Love You!

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