Night at the Symphony for Avery Bug

Avery bugs birthday celebration continues....

With everyone in town we thought a great way to celebrate Avery's special day would be to spend the evening at Symphony on the Prairie. For those of you not familiar with this, it's the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra in concert at an outside venue. It's so much fun to pack dinner, a bottle of wine and go out and listen to beautiful music under the stars for an evening. With the cake in tow this is exactly what we did and had a blast! Marvin Hamlisch was the guest performer for the evening and little did we all know what that would bring.  Avery Bug was being her usual carefree self dancing around in front of the stage when Mr. Hamlisch looked down and out of no where said "hey little girl, whats that on your crown?" She responded with "a number 5" which lead into a entire conversation about it being her fifth birthday!! He then proceeded to sit at the piano and do a few different renditions of Happy Birthday which was very entertaining! After this he stood up and asked the entire audience of 3000 people to sing Happy Birthday to Avery (okay seriously at this point I was so stunned I almost cried) which they did! I can't even begin to tell you what it felt like to have thousands of people singing to my Avery bug. AMAZING!!! What can I say other than we will never ever forget that night and he now has a few more life long fans!! 
So thank you Mr. Hamlisch for an evening of a lifetime!

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