Emma bug wears an old t shirt!

I have been waiting for warm weather so I could try out some new creations. I have to admit that if you sew, summer is better for making things. Some of you may disagree with me but when you walk into a fabric store ALL of the cutest fabric is cotton and that isn't the best for cold winter days!

IT'S HOT and HUMID! HURRAY! (again not all of you may agree with me)

I can finally try out all of these projects just staring at me and again Dana over at MADE has inspired me to try something new.... sewing with elastic thread .....and you know what, she's right, it's not that hard.
Well I tried it out this morning and... OKAY this dress is sooooo NOT perfect but that's okay because I have seldom made something that IS perfect the first time around!

I WILL GET GOOD AT THIS because it's so cute and just look at what a
Good will t-shirt can be.

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