photo shoot

Today started out with me waking up with big plans of making Avery and Emma bug some new dresses that I have been dying to try and to get some laundry done and also to get caught up on all my orders. Not to mention Avery bug has a birthday coming up and well lets just say I'm not as prepared as in years past. I used to be that mom that would have all these things planned out months in advance and well laundry on a Sunday? It would of been done on Wednesday! Not anymore!
Life has taught me more times than one that these things will wait because a day outside in the sun with your bugs is WAY more important! So we walked to a local restaurant for lunch and then came home and spent the rest of the afternoon splashing around in the pool! FUN!! But I guess that's what summertime Sundays are for....not laundry.
The one thing that I did do was take some pictures of the girls before our walk to lunch. How cute are these pictures and seriously it was soooo spur of the moment. I had all of them together at once and because it was early in the day no one was real dirty yet...you know how that goes. By 6pm we are all a mess! I think they turned out super cute and as you can see they had fun too!

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