Thank goodness for Goodwill

Now that all the family has left town we are back to our regular schedule and that means a trip to Goodwill. Oh how I love a bargin and I think I found a few today. I do try to make it to the 50% day every month but seriously I can't wait a month till each visit so full price it is! 
This is what we left with today.
Darling right? So I'm a sucker for blue, especially shoes and for $3. SOLD!

Hmmmm what to wear these with? I don't think this will be a problem.
Okay so I guess we can all see what was my favorite part of this purchase. 
Moving on to the other things....
Boys plaid shirt $2, ladies owl pajama pants $3, girls shortie $2
Total= $11

Goodwill was fun today, after I pulled the bugs away from the toy area we actually found some good deals. Its so funny to me that my 5 and 2 year old have the same reaction to shopping there that I have..."oh my goodness mommy look what I found" is all I heard during our visit. I love it. Treasures everywhere!

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