Who Wants Cake?

It's not a real birthday without cake, right? 

So on with the Cake! 

I have been dying to try this cake for awhile now. I just love it and what a better time than for Avery Bugs family birthday party. Yes, I said family party because never (maybe once) have we had a birthday fall on a weekend. So yes, we have a family party the "birth" day and a friend party on the weekend. Back to the cake.
 I love, love, love this cake. LOVE IT!  Together with my sister we decided to make the coolest rainbow cake ever! 

Here is our six bowls of cake batter ready for the gel food coloring.
This is the fun part... adding the coloring and then the magic happens!

   Aunt Brishen adds her own touch to the process

Here is our batter colored and ready to go...


Okay so now we layer the batter. We did not use the sprite version of the recipe, we just followed the directions on the cake mix box, maybe that's why my batter doesn't look so thick in the picture. Whatever it was fine this way.

in my haste I did not follow the directions correctly and didn't reverse the color order for the next cake pan. Oh well it was still fine.

The bottom layer out of the oven (up side down). Nice picture. Very clean counter. geesh

Here is our bottom layer baking away. Looks like something from outer space in there!

Here it is! 
I was a little late getting back from Toy Story 3 (yes we crammed it all in) and didn't have time to take frosting the cake pics so fast forward to the party....

It was a huge hit! Everyone was loving it.
 Thank you omnomicon for giving a great tutorial and for making Avery Bugs birthday even better! 

*because I didn't layer it per instructions it didn't turn out in the correct color order but like I said before....whatever.

*it was also 90 degrees outside so the frosting was melting down the cake. oh well.


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  1. Cool cake, will have to try it this summer. Happy B-Day Avery!