New Frocks for Bugs

Well I've been feeling a little bit like summer has taken me away from my sewing lately and I really needed to get some new items in the store. I keep making things and thinking no, no that's not it!! I tend to have this problem with expecting every new piece I make to come out perfect the first time so a lot of what I make gets scraped! Brian tells me I need to not be so hard on myself! I tell him I'm trying!

So yesterday I decided I would make 2 things and like them! I don't know if it was the mind set or something else but I do like them! I was pretty happy with the outcome and of course the next thing to do is show them off! 

Here they are...our newest dresses coming to Two Little Bugs Clothing Co. Store

The Fruit Salad Knot Dress

And....The String Bean Dress

Emma bug is so "whatever' about all of this and Avery Bug is "Miss Strike A Pose"!
When our little photo shoot was over we decided to take a stroll around Broadripple..
the bugs getting a bit mischievous on the way..

 we even checked out some of the shops..
 not bad for a Thursday morning!


Two Little Bugs Clothing Store

I wanted to share some new items that I will be listing very soon!

Thanks to the girls we have some pictures of the new clothes and I have to give them credit, it was brutal out there today! Oh my.. it's been HOT! 
But they hung in there for a bit and we got some cute pictures!
 Raspberry Cream Ruffles!

The Favorite Dress!

The Kiley Dress
This one isn't new but Emma got in a few shots so I thought I would show it!

Silly girls!

Life is good especially when your on your way home for a freeze pop!


Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

I was so excited today when my new Country Living magazine arrived in the mail! I love to get magazines...it's like a little gift every month just for me! 
I was loving all the new pictures and then I came to the crafty section of the magazine where they show you how to make cool stuff. Now I am the kind of person that when I see something I love and I can make it on top of that, I just have to do it right then!

Which brings me to this little project I tackled tonight after dinner. It is the mason jar soap dispenser which was featured in the magazine.

This is my kitchen sink
 I can't stand the ugly soap containers sitting on the counter! I hate it! I have even tried keeping them under the sink but that doesn't work because then it's just inconvenient and they end up in the same spot by the end of the day. 

After I read their instructions on the how-to's I went and got my supplies:

 You can't see it that well in this picture but I used the biggest drill bit I had so the widest part of the soap dispenser would fit.
 I was unaware as I was drilling that the top of the jar has a piece of ceramic glass attached to it and the drill wasn't going through it. I put a nail in the drilled hole and  hammered the rest of the glass out. 
 Here it is ready for the soap dispenser which I also hammered all the way in to the hole. It was a little snug at first but fit perfectly in the end.

Now the soap

So much better!
I'm so happy that I don't have to look at those ugly bottles on my counter anymore and I think this idea is such a great one considering I have about 50 more of these jars under my stairs! Thanks to the last lady who lived here! 

  I guess if you love this idea you should totally do it or you can just buy one here.  
Either way, it's much better than ugly, plastic containers sitting out on your counter for everyone to see!
But that's just me.


Laundry Day

I actually got to go fabric shopping the other day and it was one of those surprise trips when I actually got a deal! 16 yards of fabric for $53.00! WOW! 
To some you this may not be a real bargain but for someone that doesn't have access to fabric by the pound ( oh and I dream that one day I will) this is a deal!!  

Today I decided I would find the time to wash it and get it ready to use. For some reason as I was taking it out of the washing machine I had this vision of it all hanging out to dry on the line just like when I was a kid. I love wash hanging on a line, especially if it's pretty fabric and besides I can use it as an excuse to be a little greener. 

 It has been about 100 degrees here everyday so the fabric dried very quickly.

 Avery bug also had a great time running around in it and informed me that it needed to stay up for the ballet show she would be performing later!

 It did make a nice backdrop for a few pictures!

Now if all the chores were this much fun I would never have messy house!


Baby Boy Gift

Don't you just love babies? Well I do and I love to make things for them. That's why when my neighbor asked me to make her something for her pilates instructors baby I was more than happy to do it! 

 Because I have struggles coming up with good boy idea's on my own, I got on my computer for some inspiration. Well this is what I came up with...or should I say this is what I found.

First thing to do, go to Walmart for some onesies and I have to say the ones I found are terrific! They are sold individually and much heavier then the Gerber ones. I would say if you need any, get them now since things seem to only last a few days there.

I know we have seen the tie applique a bazillion times but I thought I will try it since I never have. I used the scrap material from that boys shirt I got at Goodwill awhile back. Remember Emma's 4th of July outfit? Same shirt. Not bad for $2!

I wanted to do something I haven't seen yet (which doesn't mean it hasn't been done already) so I used some linen material and made one with my version of a bow tie and buttons. I have to say I was a little worried that it might look girlie but after I held it up to Emma bug I thought it looked boyish so I guess I'm safe. phew.

For the other's I ironed on these adorable printables that I was lucky enough to find awhile back here. I think they are for cupcake toppers! So cute!

 I used wonder under to put the material squares on first and then ironed on the printable. I used embroidery thread to stitch around the border and Voila, DONE. 

Me trying out my camera skills...it's still all new to me.

Nothing left to do but wrap them up and send them on their way. I put 2 in each cello bag and tied it up with ribbon.

 I popped them in to one of my bags and headed next door to drop them off.

I hope she likes them!


Just another model in the making...

I had to show you these pic's of Addi BugIsn't she adorable?  You might remember her from some of the photos before and of course she is up there on our little slide show. She is the best model!! I love taking her picture because she will do whatever I ask her to and she is so in to it! I mean my bugs are pretty much over the camera on certain days. But she will smile and pose for hours! I love it!  

I will be listing this top on our Two Little Bugs Store soon but I just had to show you all now. I just love it with her eyes!  I really am lucky to have such good little models!

We Have Our Winners!!

Thank you to everyone that left a comment for the Boy Oh Boy Giveaway!

Our winners are...

1.  Chunkofcoal said...
Cute model!
July 18, 2010 1:09 PM
You will receive the first pair.

2.   Katie said...
cute boy clothes are so hard to find. and these? CUTE!!!
July 10, 2010 7:14 PM
You will receive the second pair.
Please email with your info. so I can send them out to you!


Summer Staycation

I once read that to have a really good blog you shouldn't have your posts be to far apart in days and that if you do let a lot of time pass between posts you shouldn't apologize because no one wants to read a blog where the person keeps saying " sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile". Well guess what? I think that person needs a lesson in manners. 

Yes it's been a few days but (here goes the other faux pas- "the excuse") its because we were on a "staycation". Yes the "staycation" where no one has to go to "work" but we don't actually leave town for a "vacation". Follow?
Instead we filled our days with the pool, the boat, the pool, the boat, and a lot of eating! Fun? Yes but not good for getting things done. Oh well.

 So I thought I would share a couple pic's from the past week! 

The bugs hanging out on the Adirondack chairs at Nana and Grandad's (have you seen enough of that shirt on Avery yet? She loves it!)

me and my Avery bug

 Well I wish I could post more but I seem to be having a issue and the pictures just wont upload! Oh well such is life and it's a bit to late for me to keep trying. See you tomorrow, or should I say today, for the winner of the Boy Oh Boy contest!


Upcycled Old Navy Skirt

Okay, so apparently I'm going through this "upcycling" faze and I can't stop making new clothes!!

My friend Teresa came over the other night and brought me all of these old skirts and shirts she was giving to Goodwill but instead thought I would or could use them. SO NICE!! It's funny how she knew I would love to have them and she was so right!

I thought I should wait to post this with the Boy Giveaway just starting and all but well I couldn't wait! 

One of the items in the bag of goodies was this cute Old Navy skirt but both she and I agreed we just can't (nor shouldn't) wear the "short, short" skirts any longer. It's to hard to bend down and pick up the bugs in those anymore! So off to the chopping, or should I say snipping block, it went!
Yippy New Pants! 
Yes it's apparently also pants week around our house too! I keep looking at things thinking hmmm that would make a cute pair of pants. This boy thing is really sticking with me.
Avery Bug is turning into a total ham! She was cracking me up in her new glasses. They are not prescription in case you were wondering!
Along with the pants I also embellished this white tank top with some rosettes. After I finished it I was really happy with it. It was like one of those little projects you have no intentions of doing and then after your done your like wow where did that come from?
They totally remind me of a pair of pants I had a few years ago and wore till they literally fell apart.

 We got a little silly today if you can't tell!  I am so happy she is my funny kid!!