Baby Boy Gift

Don't you just love babies? Well I do and I love to make things for them. That's why when my neighbor asked me to make her something for her pilates instructors baby I was more than happy to do it! 

 Because I have struggles coming up with good boy idea's on my own, I got on my computer for some inspiration. Well this is what I came up with...or should I say this is what I found.

First thing to do, go to Walmart for some onesies and I have to say the ones I found are terrific! They are sold individually and much heavier then the Gerber ones. I would say if you need any, get them now since things seem to only last a few days there.

I know we have seen the tie applique a bazillion times but I thought I will try it since I never have. I used the scrap material from that boys shirt I got at Goodwill awhile back. Remember Emma's 4th of July outfit? Same shirt. Not bad for $2!

I wanted to do something I haven't seen yet (which doesn't mean it hasn't been done already) so I used some linen material and made one with my version of a bow tie and buttons. I have to say I was a little worried that it might look girlie but after I held it up to Emma bug I thought it looked boyish so I guess I'm safe. phew.

For the other's I ironed on these adorable printables that I was lucky enough to find awhile back here. I think they are for cupcake toppers! So cute!

 I used wonder under to put the material squares on first and then ironed on the printable. I used embroidery thread to stitch around the border and Voila, DONE. 

Me trying out my camera skills...it's still all new to me.

Nothing left to do but wrap them up and send them on their way. I put 2 in each cello bag and tied it up with ribbon.

 I popped them in to one of my bags and headed next door to drop them off.

I hope she likes them!


  1. Love the bow tie one... and all of them! So cute!!!!! Good work.

  2. Hi,

    Sent you a picture of Katy wearing the wonderful crown we won from your giveaway to your e-mail a couple days ago, did you get it?

    Kristina C.

  3. I never did?? Do you think you can try and send it again? I am so excited to see it on her!