Happy Birthday America!

Lucky me I get to celebrate my birthday the same weekend as America! 

My birthday was on Friday and so we spent the weekend by the pool and on the lake! FUN!

I had to take a moment to say Happy 4th to all of you!  I can only hope you are spending it with lots of friends and family, eating, having fun and just being grateful for the land that we all love.
 Remember the boys plaid shirt from the last post? Here it is again but this time refashioned into a cute little 2 piece number for Emma Bug. So perfect for the 4th of July!!

We walked around downtown this morning taking in some of the sights. Feeling very patriotic  in our new outfit.
You can see I left the original hem from the shirt. That's because it's a boys 10-12 and there wasn't enough material to hem it myself. But I think it worked just fine this way and less work too!! Who doesn't love that?

I am just loving this little outfit! It totally makes me want to make more for the bugs. Maybe some for our store too! I know what you are thinking...looks just like Lucy's little outfit over at Made.  I get a lot of inspiration from Dana!

 Emma was taking in all the sights but very quickly our little photo shoot took a turn for the worse...it was really hot out there!
Here come the water works and just like that...photo shoot OVER!

  But Mommy knows that a giant cookie can fix anything. Amazing!

Another balloon from Nordstrom (okay but we had to stop in, we were right there) and we are a happy kid again! Oh to be two years old again.

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