Laundry Day

I actually got to go fabric shopping the other day and it was one of those surprise trips when I actually got a deal! 16 yards of fabric for $53.00! WOW! 
To some you this may not be a real bargain but for someone that doesn't have access to fabric by the pound ( oh and I dream that one day I will) this is a deal!!  

Today I decided I would find the time to wash it and get it ready to use. For some reason as I was taking it out of the washing machine I had this vision of it all hanging out to dry on the line just like when I was a kid. I love wash hanging on a line, especially if it's pretty fabric and besides I can use it as an excuse to be a little greener. 

 It has been about 100 degrees here everyday so the fabric dried very quickly.

 Avery bug also had a great time running around in it and informed me that it needed to stay up for the ballet show she would be performing later!

 It did make a nice backdrop for a few pictures!

Now if all the chores were this much fun I would never have messy house!


  1. Pretty fabric! Can't wait to see what you make out of this!

    I sent the picture again, check your junk or spam folder!

    She wears it to the grocery store, feed store everywhere! I am driving around with the "Queen"in her boosterseat! (lol)

  2. Thank you so much!! I got the picture and she is darling! I will post it soon!:)