New Frocks for Bugs

Well I've been feeling a little bit like summer has taken me away from my sewing lately and I really needed to get some new items in the store. I keep making things and thinking no, no that's not it!! I tend to have this problem with expecting every new piece I make to come out perfect the first time so a lot of what I make gets scraped! Brian tells me I need to not be so hard on myself! I tell him I'm trying!

So yesterday I decided I would make 2 things and like them! I don't know if it was the mind set or something else but I do like them! I was pretty happy with the outcome and of course the next thing to do is show them off! 

Here they are...our newest dresses coming to Two Little Bugs Clothing Co. Store

The Fruit Salad Knot Dress

And....The String Bean Dress

Emma bug is so "whatever' about all of this and Avery Bug is "Miss Strike A Pose"!
When our little photo shoot was over we decided to take a stroll around Broadripple..
the bugs getting a bit mischievous on the way..

 we even checked out some of the shops..
 not bad for a Thursday morning!


  1. Those frocks are so cute! I may have to get one of those!

    Hope all is well with you and your family,


    as always,


  2. I am you newest follower! Found you through Kristina Churchill (above) and have to agree that your blog is wonderful!

    Come check me out at http://ineversaidthatiwasjunecleaver.blogspot.com/