Summer Staycation

I once read that to have a really good blog you shouldn't have your posts be to far apart in days and that if you do let a lot of time pass between posts you shouldn't apologize because no one wants to read a blog where the person keeps saying " sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile". Well guess what? I think that person needs a lesson in manners. 

Yes it's been a few days but (here goes the other faux pas- "the excuse") its because we were on a "staycation". Yes the "staycation" where no one has to go to "work" but we don't actually leave town for a "vacation". Follow?
Instead we filled our days with the pool, the boat, the pool, the boat, and a lot of eating! Fun? Yes but not good for getting things done. Oh well.

 So I thought I would share a couple pic's from the past week! 

The bugs hanging out on the Adirondack chairs at Nana and Grandad's (have you seen enough of that shirt on Avery yet? She loves it!)

me and my Avery bug

 Well I wish I could post more but I seem to be having a issue and the pictures just wont upload! Oh well such is life and it's a bit to late for me to keep trying. See you tomorrow, or should I say today, for the winner of the Boy Oh Boy contest!

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  1. I like Staycation, I believe I will do that next week. Boat and fish with the hubby and kids, but not leave our general area!

    Great idea!