Upcycled Old Navy Skirt

Okay, so apparently I'm going through this "upcycling" faze and I can't stop making new clothes!!

My friend Teresa came over the other night and brought me all of these old skirts and shirts she was giving to Goodwill but instead thought I would or could use them. SO NICE!! It's funny how she knew I would love to have them and she was so right!

I thought I should wait to post this with the Boy Giveaway just starting and all but well I couldn't wait! 

One of the items in the bag of goodies was this cute Old Navy skirt but both she and I agreed we just can't (nor shouldn't) wear the "short, short" skirts any longer. It's to hard to bend down and pick up the bugs in those anymore! So off to the chopping, or should I say snipping block, it went!
Yippy New Pants! 
Yes it's apparently also pants week around our house too! I keep looking at things thinking hmmm that would make a cute pair of pants. This boy thing is really sticking with me.
Avery Bug is turning into a total ham! She was cracking me up in her new glasses. They are not prescription in case you were wondering!
Along with the pants I also embellished this white tank top with some rosettes. After I finished it I was really happy with it. It was like one of those little projects you have no intentions of doing and then after your done your like wow where did that come from?
They totally remind me of a pair of pants I had a few years ago and wore till they literally fell apart.

 We got a little silly today if you can't tell!  I am so happy she is my funny kid!!



  1. i'm not exactly sure how i've come to a link to your blog, but finding this project you did KILLS me... I used to have the same old navy skirt... and I gave it away to goodwill. sigh. that was before i was into sewing, before i was a mom even... now i know to hold on to those pieces so i can upcycle them later on... love your blog!