Well, I'm back and the garage sale.....huge success! I feel like I can breath a bit better now that a ton of the "junk" is gone! How refreshing to free yourself from the burden of stuff cluttering up your life. It is so therapeutic to let go of all that stuff that you just don't need! I don't think the man working at Goodwill was happy to see me and my truck full of donations, left over from the sale at 5pm, but I felt better. 
Brian was a bit sour himself when he parted with his cherished black leather couch. The guy who bought it did assure him that he would use it to sit on while he watched football! Brian was pleased it was going to a good home. 
Its funny how we hold on to things just for the sake of holding on to them. I mean none of the things that I sold had any sentimental value but for some reason I just kept them with me as I moved from house to house, paying a mover to move them each time. I surly didn't need the stuff and didn't even use it. I just stored it for years...why? 

I went to the store yesterday to get a few household things that we needed and every time I saw something that I thought I might buy ( I was at Target) I thought you know what I don't want to have to sell it in 10 years from now! It feels really good to be in this non consuming mind set. It makes me think of the lady I saw on the Today show that wore the same dress for a year to see if anyone noticed. Not many people did. She did it to prove to herself she didn't need a lot of "stuff" in her life. I like that lady!

The sale was actually a double success because it gave Avery bug and some kids from the neighborhood a chance to have a lemonade stand.

Remember the desk I got at the auction?
It ended up being the perfect little lemonade stand for the bugs
the only problem was they kept drinking up all their product!
Emma bug insisted on wearing this witch costume all day...even in the 90 degree temperature!

We found this bell and I rigged it up to the stand. The bugs loved ringing it all day while yelling FREE LEMONADE!!!  It took a little while to get them to understand they were "selling" it. 

The bugs made $9.20, I made a bit more and I am so happy to be rid of all of that stuff!
I'm also happy to be back to my day to day routine...garage sales are a lot of work!



I have been going thru this "I hate my house" faze. It hits me about every couple of years and it usually involves me seeing a room or rooms in a magazine, book, online, (you get the picture) and thinking to myself I need a change! Then I rearrange my house 10 times over until I need to get rid of it all! Well not all of it, I keep the main pieces.
Well, the other day I came across this blog, Jones Design Company and can I tell you I am in love with not only her amazing and inspirational blog but her house makes me swoon! I mean the fact that she lives in a house with four children, three of them boys and I still has the time and the energy to do all that she does.....unbelievable!
After I looked at her OUR HOUSE page I felt a strong urge to turn my house upside down and dump everything out and start fresh.  Oh, if it really was that easy. 

Here is my Living Room.....
This is our sofa, it's from a Martha Stewart Collection and when I saw it I had to have it. We purchased it 7 years ago when we moved in to our first house.  I have been told over the years how comfortable it is to sleep on (it's all goose down) and let's just say I can see how it's been slept on! That bothers me. 

Here is my Dining Room....
I covered the dining room chairs in the same fabric as the pillows in my living room. It is all from a Pottery Barn duvet cover I purchased at the outlet on sale. I love the fabric but I might be over it now? I'm so wishy-washy sometimes. That red bench has been 3 different colors. That red may have to go too. 
This is the main problem... I have moved 6 times in 5 years! The downfall of a husband who "had" a job that moved us around a bit. I am now left with a lot of furniture that was purchased for other homes and none of which we live in now. UGH! Now that we have been here almost two years, I feel it is time for some purging. 
This is my plan...I will get rid of anything that I don't LOVE and I will replace it with something that I do LOVE. Sounds easy. We'll see. 
Of course there is the issue of expense here. I, like a lot of you am on a budget and although it sounds like a lovely idea to chuck it all today and replace it tomorrow, that is unrealistic. So instead I am going to have a garage sale.  I will sell what I can and use the money to purchase the new things.  This is my plan. 
The first step...make some garage sale signs because I think this Sunday is the perfect day to have one. I have also started my "inspiration folder" this is where I keep all the pictures of my dream rooms. I'm going to keep you posted and we'll see where this burst of inspiration takes me!


I have this problem, its called I get bored easily syndrome. I'm sure some of you can relate. 
I love to sew and I love to redo furniture and decorate and all that, it's just most days I wake up in the morning to my kitchen floor
screaming, CLEAN ME!

Well that is what I did yesterday, I cleaned like a mad women! My friend was my motivation, after she told me that was what she was doing...she even sent me a picture of her shining floor! I think we might be the only friends that do stuff like that. But what can I say, it's a very rewarding thing...a clean floor.

This is the same friend that I go to the auctions with every Saturday morning. It is so much fun to get a bargain and turn it in to something you love! This past Saturday we drove out to the country to stand in a barn (again) to bid on stuff we didn't need but had to have!

Here are some photos of this past Saturday...

Look at all those old chairs!

Lots and lots of old treasures to bid on

Here is what I took home...old school desk $12

Chairs $3 each....that was kind of expensive...for the auction anyway!
Of course Brian thinks we already own plenty of chairs and he kind of frowned when he was helping me unload them but he did say he was sure that they would eventually be beautiful...I think he might be coming around!
Now I'm off to paint!


My Special Blanket Tutorial

If I haven't mentioned it before, my Emma bug has this thing about always carrying a blanket with her everywhere. The thing is, it's not any particular blanket, it's just whatever one she chooses for that week or day or hour or whatever her mood is I guess.
Well lets just say that mommy is tired of always ending up having to carry that blanket! 
This is the reason behind the tutorial I am about to share with you all.
My friend Erin gave me a few bags of clothes that were destined for Goodwill but because she is so kind, let me have them instead.
One of the items in the bag was this fleece jacket...so cozy! I kept trying to come up with a good idea for it but was stumped until today when I ended up carrying Emma bugs giant blanket around at the store. I thought " I know what to do with that jacket now!" and so the tutorial begins....

Here is your list of items: 
1. cozy jacket of choice
2. scissors
3. scrap material for letters
4. Wonder Under and Iron
5. card stock and letter stamps
6. three strips of ribbon, long enough to loop in half
7. Sewing machine
(sorry no picture...I was making this one up as I went along)

The Jacket before
I thought about taking off the pockets but due to limited time I decided to just work around them so I started by cutting of the hood, sleeves, and zipper
Next I folded the jacket in half and cut out a rectangle for the blanket. I left the bottom hem on one end of the blanket because I wanted a bit more length. You make do with what you have, right?
I decided that I wanted to put Emma's name on it so I got out my basket of scrap material 
  (I don't throw anything away) and picked out some fun pieces
 Next I ironed the pieces (cut just the size for my letters) on to wonder under

I used some stamps (mine are from Joanns) to make the templet's for the letters
I stamped card stock and then cut out the letters

Then I pinned the template to the material and cut them out ever so carefully

After they were all cut out, I layed them out and ironed them to the blanket

The next step was to sew all the way around the letters to secure them. I have a feeling this little blankie is going to be put through some wear and tear over it's lifetime!

I decided that Emma now needed some handles for her blanket and added three ribbons to one end. I looped them in half and pinned them to the ride side up of the blanket
 You can't see this in the picture but the blanket is laid out flat, not folded in half.
Now sandwich the ribbons between the fleece, right sides together 
*note* after I sandwiched the ribbons, I pulled the pins out of them and re-pinned them to the outside of the fabric, this way the ribbons don't move around when you are putting your material on top of the other
Continue to pin around the perimeter of your material to keep it in place *Important tip here* You need to leave an opening so you can turn it right side out after you finish sewing. I double pin that area so I know when to stop sewing and I don't sew the whole thing shut by mistake, that stinks! 

 Now you can begin to sew, I used my sewing machine foot as a guide

Once you have finished sewing, go ahead and cut off the excess ribbon on the inside of your blanket to reduce any bulkiness
 Turn it inside out through the hole you left open

Now sew it all shut...

... and there you have it. Your little bug has a new blanket and this one will fit in your purse if need be!

Well I think that this is a keeper....Emma bug seems quite pleased with it!


I think I might have mentioned in the past that I am a sucker for old furniture. I mean old, dirty, someone threw it out, furniture. Brian calls it junk! I disagree.

Well I have this friend (she's great) and she loves to go to auctions. I'm talking about the kind of auctions where you stand in a hot barn all Saturday morning bidding on amazing stuff that you never in a million years would find anywhere else but there.

Lots of old interesting items that were collected over years and cherished (or not) by someone a long, long time ago. I love it. I mean I LOVE IT!!  

This might not sound like a ton of fun to some of you but when you find something that looks like "junk" and then with a little TLC it becomes something beautiful, that satisfaction is just so good! It's especially good when it's cheap! I mean under $20 cheap.  

Last weekend I ended up with some cool stuff and one of the things I brought home was this cabinet with glass doors. 

I bought it with the winning bid of $13...yeah!
It was pretty yucky when I brought it home

It needed some cleaning up and the back needed to be stapled in some spots.
When I took the shelving out I realized that the previous owner had apparently used them to store their hot iron on.....hmmm interesting. 

After the glass was removed from the doors, I have to say I thought about taping them but it's so much easier to just take it out, it was time to paint.
I chose Valspar Gloss Pewter Gray 65039 for the outside and Valspar Gloss Exoctic Sea 65201 for the inside because it reminded me of a Martha Stewart cabinet I once saw in a magazine.

I started by spraying the outside first and then worked on the inside

 Next was the shelves
oh did I mention I was getting eatin alive by mosquito's the whole time....yuck! But it was worth it.
Awe I love it! Now nothing left but to fill it up!

That didn't take long! Now let's see what this Saturday brings....their auctioning off a tractor at this one! Brian says, NO!


Cindylu Designs Giveaway Is Here!

Is it your birthday? Is it Mother's Day? Is it Valentine's Day?

Well that's okay because it doesn't have to be any one of those days to treat yourself to a special gift! Because we all know that you deserve it!
We all deserve to treat ourselves once in awhile and I personally can't think of a better treat than.....
......beautiful jewelry!

Cindy over at Cindlylu Designs thinks that you deserve it too and she wants to be the one to give it to you! What a sweet girl! 
The giveaway is for this lovely circle pendent necklace above.
I would love to have one myself and the best part is she will customize it just for you! You can chose any one word you wish to have stamped on the pendent or even your monogram....how nice!

Hmmm what to choose? The possibilities are endless....your name, your child's name, your sweetheart's name? 
How about a word that means something to you...calm, brave, survivor, kindness, strong, happiness?  Whatever you choose, it will be just for you!

Then when you have your necklace you can add to it....
Your monogram and your child's name maybe? I'm in love with this.

Cindy has so many other wonderful things to chose from in her collection
I was drooling today when she brought some of her work over for me to look at. They are all so sweet...but which one do I choose?
I just might have to treat myself to one of these too!
To enter the Cindylu Designs Giveaway all you need to do is be a follower and leave a comment! Please only leave one comment. Random.org will choose our winner on September 1st at 12am central time.
If you aren't already signed up as a follower than just click the follow button under Followers to sign up now! 
Good luck everyone!


So I guess one thing that drives me nuts is when I fall in love with a blog and then there are no new posts for like DAYS! I even start to get a little bit like "Seriously what is going on here!" because I have this weird way of depending on these other people to fill my days with pictures and words to motivate me to create and to give me something pretty to look at! Could I be asking a little to much of my fellow blogging ladies? Yes, maybe I need to get over it considering I too have these days when housework, car pooling (oh yes school is here again) and just plain life that gets in the way of my blog! How dare it! 

This is why I have this weird guilt thing when I don't post for days because I feel so strongly about others doing it! I know, get over it, right?

Well I can tell you that I have serious things in the works. I'm so excited about the upcoming giveaway from Cindylu Designs! Her work is amazing and just wait til you see what she is going to give away, you will love it! 

My latest sewing projects have been these upcycled dresses. The bugs love them...super cute and comfy! What's not to love? 
 I keep looking at this picture and cringing, oh my goodness there are leaves on the ground already!

The hardware store was on my list of things to do today also. Spray paint. Just wait till you see what that is for.
Okay, so I have a lot in the works and not much to show but I do hope I got you a little intrigued. Maybe just a little?


Anthropologie Inspired Rose Headband Giveaway Winner!

We have a winner!

Congratulations Carrie Me! who said...
Love the denim! Thanks for sharing and the chance to win :)
August 8, 2010 6:18 PM

*please email your address so I can send you your new headband*

A big Thanks to all of you that left a comment! Don't be disappointed if you didn't win because we have a new giveaway beginning this week! This is going to be a good one too!


Look what the mailman delivered today
The bugs were loving all those cool stamps!
I opened the box and what do I see...all my new labels... made just for me!

I decided a little bit ago that we needed a new look for our labels...something a little more "grown-up". I wanted them to be, not only adorable and affordable, but also to make the clothes look even better once the label was sewn on them...what can I say, I'm a label kinda girl!
The quality is excellent and they are extremely affordable. I found them on Etsy. The company is Worldwide labels
 They make woven labels with or without artwork. The customer service was outstanding and about 2 weeks after I ordered them, here they are!
They also make size tags, care tags and the list goes on.  You can get on their blog here and they will show you a picture of your label and all the other cool ones they have made and sent out! I love looking at other company's super cute logos.
I'm in love with my new labels!
What do you think?