First Day of Kindergarten!

Today is a big day for us! Avery bug started kindergarten today!! I have to say, although I am extremely excited for her, I am having a bit of a struggle! 
I only shed a few tears on the way home...so pitiful.
One thing I did notice right away is that  we (me & emma bug) have been home for about an hour and the quiet in the house is amazing! I have actually had a cup of coffee and I am able to post this with out interruption! Weird? 
Lets see what else I can do before 4pm!
It took about one minute for her to warm up to her new classroom and off she went on to Kindergarten! So why do I suddenly feel like she is graduating from college and leaving me?
Mommy anxiety is getting the best of me today!!!


  1. Congrats to you!!!! My Youngest just started kindergarten as well today.. :( We will both make it thru. Just think of all the volunteering you can do and teaching the kids all the crafts you know. It's a new sense of normal. Good Luck!!

  2. Both my kids have their first day of school on Friday!
    It's also my first day with both of them in full time school! It will be an adjustment for us all, but we will learn new and different things and pass them on to each other. Have a great day!