Hello Kitty Upcycled Dress

Well, I'm still working on all of these upcycled t-shirt dresses for our store! It is coming along, slowly but surely.
I have this pile of really sweet tee's sitting in my sewing room staring me down! I WILL get to you, I promise! I hope to get a lot done this week with Avery Bug starting school tomorrow...OMG she is starting kindergarten! 
I have been giving myself little pep talks so I don't cry! I will cry! But I will wait till I'm in the car driving home. This is my pathetic plan.
Okay back to the dresses....here is one in the series that I finished this morning. Hello Kitty was one of my most favorite things when I was little so I love it that Avery bug is totally in to her too!! 
She actually claimed this one before it was finished....we'll see if it makes it to the store?


  1. Really like this dress! Pure sweetness!

  2. So cute! You really do great with this hello kitty dress>, it fits your daughter.

  3. I love it and can't wait to see more!