I have this problem, its called I get bored easily syndrome. I'm sure some of you can relate. 
I love to sew and I love to redo furniture and decorate and all that, it's just most days I wake up in the morning to my kitchen floor
screaming, CLEAN ME!

Well that is what I did yesterday, I cleaned like a mad women! My friend was my motivation, after she told me that was what she was doing...she even sent me a picture of her shining floor! I think we might be the only friends that do stuff like that. But what can I say, it's a very rewarding thing...a clean floor.

This is the same friend that I go to the auctions with every Saturday morning. It is so much fun to get a bargain and turn it in to something you love! This past Saturday we drove out to the country to stand in a barn (again) to bid on stuff we didn't need but had to have!

Here are some photos of this past Saturday...

Look at all those old chairs!

Lots and lots of old treasures to bid on

Here is what I took home...old school desk $12

Chairs $3 each....that was kind of expensive...for the auction anyway!
Of course Brian thinks we already own plenty of chairs and he kind of frowned when he was helping me unload them but he did say he was sure that they would eventually be beautiful...I think he might be coming around!
Now I'm off to paint!

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