I think I might have mentioned in the past that I am a sucker for old furniture. I mean old, dirty, someone threw it out, furniture. Brian calls it junk! I disagree.

Well I have this friend (she's great) and she loves to go to auctions. I'm talking about the kind of auctions where you stand in a hot barn all Saturday morning bidding on amazing stuff that you never in a million years would find anywhere else but there.

Lots of old interesting items that were collected over years and cherished (or not) by someone a long, long time ago. I love it. I mean I LOVE IT!!  

This might not sound like a ton of fun to some of you but when you find something that looks like "junk" and then with a little TLC it becomes something beautiful, that satisfaction is just so good! It's especially good when it's cheap! I mean under $20 cheap.  

Last weekend I ended up with some cool stuff and one of the things I brought home was this cabinet with glass doors. 

I bought it with the winning bid of $13...yeah!
It was pretty yucky when I brought it home

It needed some cleaning up and the back needed to be stapled in some spots.
When I took the shelving out I realized that the previous owner had apparently used them to store their hot iron on.....hmmm interesting. 

After the glass was removed from the doors, I have to say I thought about taping them but it's so much easier to just take it out, it was time to paint.
I chose Valspar Gloss Pewter Gray 65039 for the outside and Valspar Gloss Exoctic Sea 65201 for the inside because it reminded me of a Martha Stewart cabinet I once saw in a magazine.

I started by spraying the outside first and then worked on the inside

 Next was the shelves
oh did I mention I was getting eatin alive by mosquito's the whole time....yuck! But it was worth it.
Awe I love it! Now nothing left but to fill it up!

That didn't take long! Now let's see what this Saturday brings....their auctioning off a tractor at this one! Brian says, NO!


  1. Wow! Beautiful job and it looks so nice with all your fabric inside. :)

  2. Wow, Niss! You did an amazing job on that one!

  3. Love this! I have a friend who's house is almost completly furnished with curb-side finds, garage sale items and auction deals. It could be on the pages of House Beautiful. I just never think of all the possibilites when I see old, run down items

  4. Love it! And love your friend. Next time you see Emily give her a big old hug from me. Love all that you are doing Anissa! It is fabulous!

  5. This may be a silly question, but did you need to sand all the surfaces before spray painting? That tedious process is what keeps me from considering making over things like this.

  6. Love the makeover! Those colors are so pretty! If only I could find something that would make my fabric look so organized!


  7. Oh my gosh!! This is exactly what I am looking for to store my fabric stash. You lucky duck! Love the way you fixed it up, the colours are awesome!!

  8. I'm with Mimi ^ I've been wanting something like this for my fabric stash.

  9. This is awesome! I love the use of the bright color inside. You've inspired me to fix up my ugly brown glass cabinet. The bright pops of color on top are great as well=) And I totally understand your love of old "junk"=)

  10. In response to Angie's question...No I didn't sand it! I just washed it down with soapy water and spray painted away! I don't have the time or patience for sanding either. The only things I have sanded down in the past were pieces that the paint was already chipping off of so I had no choice, I avoid those now.

  11. this is gorgeous! there's a very similar cabinet at IKEA, it's yellow, and i really wanted that but i think you may have changed my mind.
    some elbow grease and paint might get me something much cheaper and nicer!
    thanks for sharing.

  12. Your LOVE of auctions and your description of the Saturday you won this beauty, sounds like the PERFECT day to me. I'm with you on that.........LOVE LOVE LOVE it! And it's so much better when you go with someone that loves it as much as you do too! Your treasure find is truly a treasure now! Beautiful!

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  14. I've linked your cabinet on my blog as a project I'd love to do myself someday. Thank you for the inspiration!! http://mrandmrskamosi.blogspot.com/p/crafting-to-dos.html