I have been going thru this "I hate my house" faze. It hits me about every couple of years and it usually involves me seeing a room or rooms in a magazine, book, online, (you get the picture) and thinking to myself I need a change! Then I rearrange my house 10 times over until I need to get rid of it all! Well not all of it, I keep the main pieces.
Well, the other day I came across this blog, Jones Design Company and can I tell you I am in love with not only her amazing and inspirational blog but her house makes me swoon! I mean the fact that she lives in a house with four children, three of them boys and I still has the time and the energy to do all that she does.....unbelievable!
After I looked at her OUR HOUSE page I felt a strong urge to turn my house upside down and dump everything out and start fresh.  Oh, if it really was that easy. 

Here is my Living Room.....
This is our sofa, it's from a Martha Stewart Collection and when I saw it I had to have it. We purchased it 7 years ago when we moved in to our first house.  I have been told over the years how comfortable it is to sleep on (it's all goose down) and let's just say I can see how it's been slept on! That bothers me. 

Here is my Dining Room....
I covered the dining room chairs in the same fabric as the pillows in my living room. It is all from a Pottery Barn duvet cover I purchased at the outlet on sale. I love the fabric but I might be over it now? I'm so wishy-washy sometimes. That red bench has been 3 different colors. That red may have to go too. 
This is the main problem... I have moved 6 times in 5 years! The downfall of a husband who "had" a job that moved us around a bit. I am now left with a lot of furniture that was purchased for other homes and none of which we live in now. UGH! Now that we have been here almost two years, I feel it is time for some purging. 
This is my plan...I will get rid of anything that I don't LOVE and I will replace it with something that I do LOVE. Sounds easy. We'll see. 
Of course there is the issue of expense here. I, like a lot of you am on a budget and although it sounds like a lovely idea to chuck it all today and replace it tomorrow, that is unrealistic. So instead I am going to have a garage sale.  I will sell what I can and use the money to purchase the new things.  This is my plan. 
The first step...make some garage sale signs because I think this Sunday is the perfect day to have one. I have also started my "inspiration folder" this is where I keep all the pictures of my dream rooms. I'm going to keep you posted and we'll see where this burst of inspiration takes me!

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