Look what the mailman delivered today
The bugs were loving all those cool stamps!
I opened the box and what do I see...all my new labels... made just for me!

I decided a little bit ago that we needed a new look for our labels...something a little more "grown-up". I wanted them to be, not only adorable and affordable, but also to make the clothes look even better once the label was sewn on them...what can I say, I'm a label kinda girl!
The quality is excellent and they are extremely affordable. I found them on Etsy. The company is Worldwide labels
 They make woven labels with or without artwork. The customer service was outstanding and about 2 weeks after I ordered them, here they are!
They also make size tags, care tags and the list goes on.  You can get on their blog here and they will show you a picture of your label and all the other cool ones they have made and sent out! I love looking at other company's super cute logos.
I'm in love with my new labels!
What do you think?