My Special Blanket Tutorial

If I haven't mentioned it before, my Emma bug has this thing about always carrying a blanket with her everywhere. The thing is, it's not any particular blanket, it's just whatever one she chooses for that week or day or hour or whatever her mood is I guess.
Well lets just say that mommy is tired of always ending up having to carry that blanket! 
This is the reason behind the tutorial I am about to share with you all.
My friend Erin gave me a few bags of clothes that were destined for Goodwill but because she is so kind, let me have them instead.
One of the items in the bag was this fleece jacket...so cozy! I kept trying to come up with a good idea for it but was stumped until today when I ended up carrying Emma bugs giant blanket around at the store. I thought " I know what to do with that jacket now!" and so the tutorial begins....

Here is your list of items: 
1. cozy jacket of choice
2. scissors
3. scrap material for letters
4. Wonder Under and Iron
5. card stock and letter stamps
6. three strips of ribbon, long enough to loop in half
7. Sewing machine
(sorry no picture...I was making this one up as I went along)

The Jacket before
I thought about taking off the pockets but due to limited time I decided to just work around them so I started by cutting of the hood, sleeves, and zipper
Next I folded the jacket in half and cut out a rectangle for the blanket. I left the bottom hem on one end of the blanket because I wanted a bit more length. You make do with what you have, right?
I decided that I wanted to put Emma's name on it so I got out my basket of scrap material 
  (I don't throw anything away) and picked out some fun pieces
 Next I ironed the pieces (cut just the size for my letters) on to wonder under

I used some stamps (mine are from Joanns) to make the templet's for the letters
I stamped card stock and then cut out the letters

Then I pinned the template to the material and cut them out ever so carefully

After they were all cut out, I layed them out and ironed them to the blanket

The next step was to sew all the way around the letters to secure them. I have a feeling this little blankie is going to be put through some wear and tear over it's lifetime!

I decided that Emma now needed some handles for her blanket and added three ribbons to one end. I looped them in half and pinned them to the ride side up of the blanket
 You can't see this in the picture but the blanket is laid out flat, not folded in half.
Now sandwich the ribbons between the fleece, right sides together 
*note* after I sandwiched the ribbons, I pulled the pins out of them and re-pinned them to the outside of the fabric, this way the ribbons don't move around when you are putting your material on top of the other
Continue to pin around the perimeter of your material to keep it in place *Important tip here* You need to leave an opening so you can turn it right side out after you finish sewing. I double pin that area so I know when to stop sewing and I don't sew the whole thing shut by mistake, that stinks! 

 Now you can begin to sew, I used my sewing machine foot as a guide

Once you have finished sewing, go ahead and cut off the excess ribbon on the inside of your blanket to reduce any bulkiness
 Turn it inside out through the hole you left open

Now sew it all shut...

... and there you have it. Your little bug has a new blanket and this one will fit in your purse if need be!

Well I think that this is a keeper....Emma bug seems quite pleased with it!


  1. Katie is gonna need one of those...That is darling! And Katie has that top that Emma is wearing! :) I love it so much...and wish that I had one just like it!

  2. Great "blankie", as my daughter would say!
    Love your blog, and all the fun stuff you do!


  3. Just great! I'm such a fan of upcycling, and this is a great tut, too!

  4. Nice Tutorial. I'm always looking for a quick baby gift.