So I guess one thing that drives me nuts is when I fall in love with a blog and then there are no new posts for like DAYS! I even start to get a little bit like "Seriously what is going on here!" because I have this weird way of depending on these other people to fill my days with pictures and words to motivate me to create and to give me something pretty to look at! Could I be asking a little to much of my fellow blogging ladies? Yes, maybe I need to get over it considering I too have these days when housework, car pooling (oh yes school is here again) and just plain life that gets in the way of my blog! How dare it! 

This is why I have this weird guilt thing when I don't post for days because I feel so strongly about others doing it! I know, get over it, right?

Well I can tell you that I have serious things in the works. I'm so excited about the upcoming giveaway from Cindylu Designs! Her work is amazing and just wait til you see what she is going to give away, you will love it! 

My latest sewing projects have been these upcycled dresses. The bugs love them...super cute and comfy! What's not to love? 
 I keep looking at this picture and cringing, oh my goodness there are leaves on the ground already!

The hardware store was on my list of things to do today also. Spray paint. Just wait till you see what that is for.
Okay, so I have a lot in the works and not much to show but I do hope I got you a little intrigued. Maybe just a little?

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  1. haha I love this post! Why? because I feel the exact same way! Even me, sometimes I think "hum I didn't post anything today" like my followers are going to stop following me if I don't post anything, SERIOUSLY that's what I think. Like if I'm the only blog they follow (phew!)...and I agree with you how dare you house chores, how dare you other commitments to get on the way of my blog?! hahaha...Have a great day!