Upcyled T Shirt Dresses

Yesterday was soooo hot! Way to hot to play outside, that is for sure, and I can't think of anything better to do then to use those days sewing up a storm inside!

I have been wanting to get these dresses made for awhile now, you know that idea that keeps popping in and out of your head, kind of like "oh we need toothpaste" but you still forget to get it everytime your out!! That's daily for me.

Well yesterday was my day to do it and not only did I get two made, I really, really like the way they turned out. I feel the need to say that considering, I am my own worst critic! 
I love to upcycle because it makes me feel like I am being good to our planet by using something already produced and turning it in to something new. I love finding something that someone else has tossed and making it in to something adorable! It makes me feel happy! 

 The NY Swing dress and Pretty Pink Swing dress are listed in our store now!!!

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