Well, I'm back and the garage sale.....huge success! I feel like I can breath a bit better now that a ton of the "junk" is gone! How refreshing to free yourself from the burden of stuff cluttering up your life. It is so therapeutic to let go of all that stuff that you just don't need! I don't think the man working at Goodwill was happy to see me and my truck full of donations, left over from the sale at 5pm, but I felt better. 
Brian was a bit sour himself when he parted with his cherished black leather couch. The guy who bought it did assure him that he would use it to sit on while he watched football! Brian was pleased it was going to a good home. 
Its funny how we hold on to things just for the sake of holding on to them. I mean none of the things that I sold had any sentimental value but for some reason I just kept them with me as I moved from house to house, paying a mover to move them each time. I surly didn't need the stuff and didn't even use it. I just stored it for years...why? 

I went to the store yesterday to get a few household things that we needed and every time I saw something that I thought I might buy ( I was at Target) I thought you know what I don't want to have to sell it in 10 years from now! It feels really good to be in this non consuming mind set. It makes me think of the lady I saw on the Today show that wore the same dress for a year to see if anyone noticed. Not many people did. She did it to prove to herself she didn't need a lot of "stuff" in her life. I like that lady!

The sale was actually a double success because it gave Avery bug and some kids from the neighborhood a chance to have a lemonade stand.

Remember the desk I got at the auction?
It ended up being the perfect little lemonade stand for the bugs
the only problem was they kept drinking up all their product!
Emma bug insisted on wearing this witch costume all day...even in the 90 degree temperature!

We found this bell and I rigged it up to the stand. The bugs loved ringing it all day while yelling FREE LEMONADE!!!  It took a little while to get them to understand they were "selling" it. 

The bugs made $9.20, I made a bit more and I am so happy to be rid of all of that stuff!
I'm also happy to be back to my day to day routine...garage sales are a lot of work!

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  1. I remember having a lemonade stand when I was young! It brings back great memories! The kids look like they had fun!