I always think that is interesting when I'm looking at other blogs and realize that I have so much in common with these women that live all the way on the other side of the country. Women I have never met but feel like if I did know them we would be the best of friends. It always makes me chuckle when I see that they decorate with the same items or that they pick out the same fabric as I do. I guess that is why I thought that I just had to make this next item. I mean the coincidence was just to much for me not to! 

While looking at this awesome blog I came across this adorable wreath tutorial.

This is the before picture with the {old} wreath on their front door

This is my front door

See any similarities? 

So I couldn't help but wonder what their {new} wreath would look like on my front door?

Their {new} wreath

My {new} wreath

I love it so much!

Thank you Emily, over at Jones Design Company for helping me get in to the

{ Fall } swing of things

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