I can't believe that it is September 21st and we have the air conditioning on and it is going to be 94 degrees today!!  All this warm weather is making it difficult to get in to the fall swing of things. I mean it's way to hot and the pools are closed for the year already! So what do we do? 
Well at our house we stay inside and have a crafternoon!!
Dana over at MADE has been doing a Celebrate Yellow Month and has inspired me to do a little celebrating myself. 

What else but bright new hair clips! We love flowers and there is nothing better than the ones that you can wear in your hair! 

Look at this big pile of hair clips!! It's so bright and sunny just like today!

It reminds me of a little garden of blooming flowers

What do I do with all these flowers? I guess I will put them in our shop!
We needed some new items so I guess this is a good start!

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