I was working on this little project today sitting at my sewing machine and things were going great until i went to change my bobbin and what do you know....a mess! I feel that the bobbins are against me and no matter what I do they seem to always be a bit out of control. They don't stay wound and when I put them in their little "bobbin compartment" in my sewing machine all the threads stick out here and there. UGH!
I then find myself cutting the threads hanging out from inside my machine and well that is just wasteful!

So aggravating! 

I'm now a happier sewing gal because I think by accident I figured out a solution to my problem. 

Ta Da
I have this fabric cork board leaning against the window next my sewing machine and quite by accident I had a straight pin sticking in it and well it just happened to hold my bobbin perfectly.
If only I could tackle all life's problems with such ease.

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