My Dining Room

A little while back I posted some pictures of my dining room here. I had mentioned that we had moved a lot in the past few years and I own a lot of things that I had purchased for our other homes.  Well, I was tired of the look of my house because I just didn't feel like I had put any effort in to it since we moved in 2 years ago. I guess I was tired of decorating a house and then moving out soon after! 

Then I came across the blog JONES DESIGN COMPANY and fell in love with all of Emily's pictures of her home. She truly is talented and always has the coolest tutorials.  After seeing how lovely her home was, I thought to myself, that's it, I need to do something with this place!  Like most of us, I would love to just throw everything away and start fresh but I don't have that in the budget. Instead, I look for ideas on blogs and in magazines and here is what I have come up with.
Here is the before picture:

Here is the after:

The changes aren't huge ones but this is a little about what I did to spruce up the place.

There used to be a mirror hanging on the wall where the chalkboard hangs now. I stole the chalkboard out of the kitchen and replaced it with another one I had laying around. I now use this one for all my daily quotes and I use the kitchen one for my TO DO list. 
One thing we did do when we moved in was replace the lighting. Our light fixtures are from Restoration Hardware and they were passed down to me from my old employer. He was replacing these "new" ones with "newer" ones! I love hand me downs!!

I changed the knobs on our Pottery Barn buffet I snagged for $200 at the outlet to these etched glass ones I found at hobby lobby.  I have been dying to find a place to use these knobs ever since I saw them there. I think they are so pretty.
I have a lot of dishes (well because I love dishes) and because we don't have much storage in this house I now keep some of them in this basket on the shelf. It makes for a nice hiding spot.

I added these linen table runners that I found at IKEA. They were in the fabric section and were already hemmed along the sides so the only thing I had to do was hem the ends up. Not so bad for $8.

These are old spaghetti sauce jars that I drew a 1 and 2 on with a Sharpie. I would of liked to stencil them on with paint but this works for now.
I purchased some candles from IKEA and covered them with pages from and old book to make them a bit more interesting.

I can't tell you how happy I was to find this cloche at Homegoods in the Clearance aisle for $8...what a deal, especially since I have been wanting one forever!

I also have this old sterling silver cream and sugar set that my dad gave me years ago sitting up here with an old picture of my granddad when he was in the service. I love this picture so I keep it where I can see it all the time.
It's funny because about 4 years ago I decided that I wanted to change the covers on the dining room chairs because my dining room at the time was painted a bluish gray color. Now that I am in a more neutral mood I just removed the covers I had put on and what do you know, the original striped cover matches the room perfectly! 
I am so excited to finally have my parson chairs!! I have always wanted them and now they are here....so happy!! My other side chairs are now in storage because you never know when I might need them again?

This is our Dining Room for now and I love it! 
 I hope I inspired some of you to do some redecorating of your own even if it is just something small. I always feel so much better when I love the room I'm in!

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