Well I'm super excited for some things that are in the works! 
I can't wait to share them with you but in the meantime..... I wanted to show you that my work room has had a little bit of a face lift. Granted there is a lot I would love to do with it but this totally works for now.

My lovely friend Emily, was gracious enough to pass this adorable armoire on to me. 
Now I use it to store all my clothes in. So much better than the rolling racks I have been using.  I hot glued scrapbook paper to the inside doors since I knew they would be opened most of the time. I do wish that I would of bought more of it so there aren't any holes but I'm fine with the white stripe.


I used my flower pins to liven up these IKEA pillow inserts. Easy and quick fix!

Just a little upcycled twirl dress for a customer. 
Let's Go Banana's!
Would Rachel Zoe die for this??

 I'm just in love with all these paper flowers....again thanks to Emily! She used them for her daughters first birthday party and then gave them to me for my work room! 

I had a super fun morning thanks to all my girls!! You were all just perfect!
If you have no idea what I'm talking about,  just wait and you will soon enough.

Have a great day!

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