Good People

Have you ever met someone and thought "Wow, what a great person!"

I have.

Actually I have met a few so I guess I'm pretty lucky.

You know what I mean, the kind of people that touch you in a special kind of way where you know right away that not only would you like to be friends with them but that you could also learn a thing or two just by being their friend. 

We have been so blessed to have moved to a place where we not only have neighbors but they are also our very good friends. We live on the kind of street were people wave as they drive pass and stop to talk if they are walking pass.

The kind of street where if you have a bat flying around in your house at midnight, you CAN go to your neighbors house because not only will they help you, others will come out of there homes to assist! 

{this has happened}


The kind of street where you hope you will never have to leave it. 

This is my street. My neighborhood. My neighbors. My friends.

I am saying all of this because it was one of those neighbors that did a very kind thing for me and I love her for it! She is one of those great people!

As a token of my gratitude I wanted to give her a little something to say thank you.

Brian was in charge of the wine. I made two satin flower pins for her which I pinned to a chocolate brown ribbon. She is always dressed so cute so I thought that she would be able to use these.

This is my favorite part.

I looked up the word Thankful and then using Word, I copied and pasted the definition
under the word itself and then wrote in my own personal examples. 

Printed it on to brown recycled card stock and used my pinking shears to cut the sides.

I really like how this little card turned out so if you know me don't be surprised if you receive something like this is the future. I have a feeling this idea is here for awhile.

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  1. LOVE your blog!!! And this idea rocks! It's a good thing that we don't know each other b/c I am so going to use this idea!!! :) LOL