More New Frocks!

Like I said I have been very busy!

Oh what an awesome week though! I mean really awesome!!

I am so excited about the new pieces that I have to show you all and I hope you love them, I really do because I get excited when I see the pictures of my bugs wearing them.

I don't think that feeling of seeing something that you have made on someone you love will EVER get old for me! Seriously I hope it doesn't because it makes my heart sing when my bugs actually love something their mommy made!

Not to mention when Avery bug goes in to her little spheel about "mommy's company" to anyone who compliments her on her clothes. She really is the best little assistant, she really should get paid more. Poor kid!

This is our new Love Birds Knot Dress....what can I say, I just have always loved toile on anything.

Emma is wearing the new Goldie Girl Knot Dress with the Royal Blues Ruffles


Maybe it is because I am always attracted to blue, it has been my favorite color for sometime now and I think these will look great with just about anything!

Daddy's idea was to put them in this tree...cute picture but Emma bug wasn't so sure about this whole thing

Check out Avery Bugs leggings. I used a womens turtleneck from Goodwill to make them. 
I used the neck of the shirt to make the waistband so they ended up being like little yoga pants for her.
This is definitely something that I want to share with all of you at a later date. Sorry orders are my first priority right now so Tutorials are taking a backseat. UGH!

Daddy and his girls


  1. OH, how I love those leggings! And your blog. :) xoxox, Erin

  2. Thanks Erin!! Its comments like this that keep me going!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE... Wait did I say I LOVE them? Well just in case.. LOVE!