Oh my, what a busy week I have had! 
It has been my goal for awhile now to get some new {FALL} items out for you!
This was the week I have been diligently sewing my little heart out.

What can I say, I love Autumn! 

Just the idea of making some new little items , gets me excited!
You know that feeling when you come home with all these new beautiful fabrics and you just can't wait to get started.  You are so excited to sew that you don't care that you haven't really cleaned up the house in awhile. I mean like you REALLY need to dust and do that laundry piled up in front of the washer but you ignore it so you can just get started!

Okay maybe not all of you know what I am talking about and maybe some of you do all your housework first but I was always the kid that ate my dessert in my school lunch first.
So little has changed as you can see and I rambling now because I have "housework guilt" but I will get in to that another time. 

But for now let's just think of the colors.....

Oh the colors!!

aren't they just the best right now
The weather is pretty much as perfect as it can get with all these cool, crisp days while the sun still continues to shine away.

So let's enjoy these days
each and every one of them

We are just crazy for our new clothes and we hope you will love them too because there is even more to come in the next few days!!

I know, I know "NOT MORE PICTURES MOM!!"

Sorry Emma Bug


  1. i die for this!!! everything is gorgeous!


  2. I am just in LOVe with the Love Bug dress. Awesome choice of colors and I love the knots. Couldn't help but make my own version. I have had friends ask me to make them for them but I just don't like mass producing. Or trying to get the right size. I just made one for our Mother's of Preschoolers silent auction and are sending people your way if they want to order one by linking to your blog.