Hi all!

In case any of you have been wondering where I have been, we are moving to a new house and phew it is a ton of work! I should be used to this by now considering it is our 6th move in the last 7 years!!! Im hoping this is it for awhile! So bear with me and I will be back soon!

Until then,



Felt Flower Tutorial

I know I promised this last friday and well it is finally here

The Felt Flower Tutorial
and a little more...
Here are your supplies
add to this some stuffing for your pillow 
( i forgot it in the picture...oops)
1. glue gun
2. scissors
3. pins
4. felted wool
5. material for the pillow ( i used a cotton canvas)
6. stuffing
7. oh and your sewing machine!

 Cut your felt in to a large square, mine was about 19x19

Start cutting your felt making a long continuous strip as you go

Keep cutting toward the center until you reach the end

Working from the center start gluing your strip around itself to make your flower

Hot gluing as you go...

Patience, Patience and here is your flower

Take your scissors and trim your flower to achieve that perfect look

Now cut a strip of
material to make your ruffle...mine was roughly 2.5" by 34"

Sew a stitch using your LONGEST stitch length so you will be able to pull the thread to gather the fabric
( sew 3 lines next to each other in case one breaks )
Carefully pull the thread (try not to break it) and see your ruffle appear

 Cut your material to make your pillow
Cut 2 of the size you want your pillow to be
I cut mine roughly 8x15

Sew your 2 pieces ( "right" sides together) all the way around the edge, leaving one side completely open
turn your pillow inside out so that you are looking at the "right" side of it

Pin your ruffle down on to the outside of your pillow and sew in place
( this is why one side stays open, to be able to sew the ruffle on )

Turn it inside out again and sew it shut leaving a 2 inch opening at the end

Stuff away!

Pin your 2 inch opening shut and sew it up
You can use a needle and thread but I just used my machine since I was going to put the flower over that spot anyway

Lots of hot glue on to the back of your flower

Push down to make sure that it is secure

I put some more glue around the edge of the flower to secure it 

 Here's your new pillow or maybe it's for someone else....it would make a darling little gift for a girlfriend's birthday!

Now that you are a pro
why not try out this wreath too!
I used the same canvas material, cut in to a long strip and wrapped it around a foam wreath, secured it with straight pins and
made a bunch of smaller flowers and glued them to the wreath

Can you tell I'm thinking gift time is around the corner!!


Trick or Treat

  I haven't forgotten about our upcoming tutorial but first I had to share some of our Trick or Treat fun!

Avery and Emma Bug were Dorothy and The Wicked Witch this year

It is so fun now that they are both old enough to go out together
They met up with their best buddies and off we went to collect LOTS and LOTS of TREATS!!
Emma bug was hidden under her witch hat all night!

We had to get started early because we had a lot of ground to cover and boy oh boy were there a ton of kids out!

Hope you had the best night ever too!