I am in love with white slipcovers and it only makes my obsession worse when every single home interiors magazine I look at (which is a lot) has rooms full of them, not to mention all the blogs that feature these awesome homes with non other than white slipcovers on all of the furniture. 
Yes they do have their list of pros and cons that go along with them.
Yes they get dirty. But you can wash and bleach them.
I guess it just comes down to whether you want to be washing covers every couple of weeks? I spend most of my day in the laundry room anyway so not that big of a deal for me. 
But slipcovered furniture can be expensive....$3000 for a couch. Um only if it will wash itself oh and drive me to the store because well I could buy a car with that kind of money. Not the greatest car but still a CAR!
I thought about the IKEA couch for $399 but then the best thing happened.....I found this lovely lady over at Pink and Polkadot and she will teach you how to make your own! Perfect. 

I set out to find a chair to cover because there is no way I was starting with a couch!

This is what I ended up with
Goodwill $20

Okay, so this will take a little practice and I would suggest giving yourself more than an hour before your husband gets home from work to finish, just so he doesn't ask why you bought this awful chair

here is a peek at the chair midway 
I used a tablecloth that I already owned just in case it was a total flop.  That way I wouldn't feel the pressure of potentially ruining good fabric. It worked well because I just used the hem that was already there and matched it up as I went along.

Okay so this is it all pinned and inside out.
Little tip: Make sure you have enough straight pins for this project before starting, you will need a TON!!

I sewed all the seams and turned the cover right side out and 
here she is all covered up
Not perfect by a mile but also not bad for an hour's worth of work

Next time around I will take my time, have more pins and try to sew a straighter line
It was a good practice run and now Im thinking its time to find a couch. hmmm


Emma is 3

My baby girl turned 3 years old

and all she wanted for her birthday was a Rainbow Cake!

So we had a Rainbow themed party

Happy Birthday Big Girl!



So I had this feeling that this past weekend was going to bring some goodies at the auction. 
I set my eyes on these fabulous cupboards that I saw online ahead of time and thought maybe this would be the very weekend I would FINALLY get to bring one home.......

Nope notta one! 

I guess me being a big ol cheapo doesn't help matters but I just can't seem to find one within my budget....um that would be about $25.... but it's out there waiting for me, I just know it.
 It also helps that Emily is there to remind me of this too! 

So no good on the furniture hunt this weekend but
 OH MY what I did find is going to to knock your socks off! 

Say hello to my sweet, beautiful, oh so lovely, oh my goodness I can't believe you belong to me, amazing collection of Ironstone dishes!

I'm a little excited...can you tell?

I have always been in love with Ironstone and have collected the few pieces I can actually get my hands on here and there but nothing like this

I look at all of it and think
I wonder how long it took to make up a collection like this? 
I wonder how the previous owner displayed the collection?

It was a little more than I would normally spend and I reserve the right {for the happiness of my marriage} to withhold such information. Thank you. Although, the large platter above was free because when I asked the lady who bought the box of stuff that it was in if I might buy it from her, she just handed it to me and said, "Here you can have it." HUH? Okay, she might be the nicest person ever! 

The best part is now I get to use it and here are some ideas for what I might do with it

{ all pictures courtesy of Design Sponge}

If you have your own collection or are interested in starting one of your own
Click on the image above to find out more about it and even tips on how to clean it!


Goodwill is good to me

Here is another goodwill find for me. Target soft burlap curtain panel $5.99
I'm very happy with this find especially since I heard it was at the goodwill and it was still there when I finally got to go buy it.
 {emily was there first and told me about it}

What to do with one panel? 

Boy, I wish it would of been two but still to short for my windows...rambling...okay so what to do?

Laying on the floor is the old pillow I was using as the insert for these (below) 

um Emma wasn't really up for a picture but also wouldn't move out of the way
....on another completely unrelated note....
her hair has that baldish area now because she and her little friend decided to give her a nice new haircut for fun. UGH!  
You may not notice but I do and hence feel the need to explain.

The pillow covers are from IKEA and well I'm over them

A little snip, snip and a run through the sewing machine and voila


They are also in keeping with this neutral faze I'm in

this is where I have them in our house
We have this kinda weird area between the entry and the kitchen that has doors on one side and not really a wall on the other? 
I have been perplexed on what to do with it???
Any ideas?
So for now this is where they will sit (in perfect range for my children to wipe their little hands on them EVERY SINGLE TIME they walk pass them) until I can come up with something better.
Oh well.

Seriously though, any ideas?

She's so pretty!

Oh I'm so happy to say that my sweet little $15 dresser is finished! 



I'm hoping to score something cool this weekend!! Hopefully I will have more furniture finds to share on Monday.  Fingers Crossed!xxx


The dresser part 2 + a lil' pin for me

Okay so a few days back I posted about this $15 dresser I got at the auction. So happy.  It has been sitting in the entry looking all yucky. Greeting each person who enters my home. Just lovely, I say. 
Well she is on her way to looking beautiful again { I am assuming that was many, many years ago} and then I will have something pretty to greet my guests!

Brian slaving away in our kitchen/work room because even with a space heater in an insulated garage it is still to stinken cold outside!

Primed and ready for some paint

I will show you the finished product tomorrow!

On another note I wanted to show you this little pin I made myself early this morning while I drank my coffee.
Can you believe it's that darn drop cloth again...I don't know, maybe now i'll be going to the hardware store for sewing material too!

not the best pic but the pin is cute.


$2 Table

Well I think that the table is finished for now. 
That is if I don't get the urge to have Brian scruff her up a little more. But for now she is done.
It was a little more than my poor husband had in mind when he started this "simple" project for me. She was "done" a few days ago but I decided that the grey paint I had chosen was just not right. So back to it he went and this is where I found him last night after I had already gone to bed and was wondering where he might be....

yes, there he is all blurry eyed and exhausted but ready to finish this darn project once and for all!

That is how I left him and this is what was waiting for me this morning!

Oh, so much better!

Thank you honey!
So that leaves how many projects left on your list?


The Bugs Room

When we moved in to the new house I decided that the girls would share a room. My hope is this will make them better friends over time and I think that it is important they become best friends even thru all the bickering! 

Bedtime was a challenge at first but it's definatly improved over the last month. 

Here are my inspiration photos of what I eventually would like to achieve in my "own" way.

Isn't this lovely? 
You can find more photos of this delightful room here at www.vivafullhouse.blogspot.com

Another favorite 

The bugs room so far..

as you can see it still is a work in progress. 

I found the beds at a barn sale.  $100 for both. They were a putty grey originally so I spray painted them this turquoise color, which I LOVE! 

The wardrobe is from my friend Emily {big surprise} which used to be an ugly brown and now beautiful after she got her hands on it. 

I found these down comforters at Walmart.com which I have to say I am very impressed with! For $30 each they are awesome!

The mirrors are goodwill finds at $2.99 each.

I have to paint the mirrors still and some dust ruffles are in order. I am toying with some other ideas but still undecided

What to do, what to do????
I will keep you posted! 


Work in Progress

It is coming along! I have to thank Brian. He has been diligently working on my table since he got home from work tonight. Not to mention this is his tenth day in a row at work so he scores major points with this!!!

Awe she is going to be so pretty!

Keep up the great work sweetie!


Before and After

I'm so lucky to have such a cool friend.
Seriously, I'm blessed to have a best friend that not only lives 5 minutes from my doorstep but also loves all the same things I do. 
The best part is, we trade our stuff. Remember junior high when you were constantly swapping clothes with your friends and your mom would get so upset because your friend, the one you loaned your sweater to, cut out the shoulder pads and.....okay maybe that part was just me, oh goodness shoulder pads? BLEK!! I should of thanked her. 

 Sorry I'm rambling, okay back to the subject
Well anyway what I am saying is we trade stuff, not just clothes but furniture, decorations, linens, etc.  I have many things in my house that once were in hers and vice versa. It's great. 
So the before and after today is a chair that once was hers and now is mine. I just changed it a little. 


very cute this way but I'm "trying" to achieve a more neutral look for this house. 

So this is what I did 


Black gloss spray paint, new fabric and now a brand new chair to me!

I agonized a bit about what I would redo it in and what I finally settled on was.....wait for it......

Yes its a drop cloth and yes I actually used it as a drop cloth prior to this little project.  Surprising thing is, I didn't ruin it and it was still in perfect shape. 
 I cut out the cloth with the seam just off center.  I didn't need to use the seamed part but I thought I'd try it and I like the way it turned out.

Now I need to figure out where to put it?


Hurray For a New Year!

Happy New Year!

Im so glad to be back and I'm so glad that I took some time off too!
 I needed a bit of a break with the move to a new house and the holidays, it was a little overwhelming! But now Im getting in to a routine and it feels good to be back doing the things I love! 
The holidays were great this year! I was just looking through some of our photos taken and this one makes me smile...it is our entire family outside on Christmas day, freezing to death just to watch the bugs take the first spin in their new jeep! 
So simple but this is what makes our family so special. 

That is one happy kid on Christmas morning!

So this post is a bit of a hodgepodge because I also wanted to share some of my recent auction finds with you. The thing is that Brian and I have this deal that for now that I'm not allowed to put anymore stuff in the garage.
 UMM lets just say its a little full still from the move and this spring we are having a massive garage sale, yet again but that's another thing altogether. 
That is why this stuff is inside the house already and not in the garage! 

I have big plans for these two pieces

The first is this table I got out of the stinkiest, old, metal, barn I have ever been in.  

Worth the stink because it was....drum roll......
The above picture is deceiving because it needs some TLC as you can see better in the picture below

I'm hiding those spots with books for now!

The second piece is this dresser for the entry way. I was desperate for something the bugs could throw their hats, gloves, school stuff, etc. in, that was by the door and something they could actually get in to themselves. 

This one cost me a little more for than I normally would pay but I waited all day on Saturday for this piece and I wasn't going to let anyone else take it away from me. So $15 later and it is sitting in my entry way. 
Still very cheap, I just sometimes have a warped sense of how much things should cost.

Again the picture is deceiving because this is what it looks like up close

Hopefully I get to Home Depot soon! Im anxious to start these projects, not to mention it is killing me having these in the house this way!