Before and After

I'm so lucky to have such a cool friend.
Seriously, I'm blessed to have a best friend that not only lives 5 minutes from my doorstep but also loves all the same things I do. 
The best part is, we trade our stuff. Remember junior high when you were constantly swapping clothes with your friends and your mom would get so upset because your friend, the one you loaned your sweater to, cut out the shoulder pads and.....okay maybe that part was just me, oh goodness shoulder pads? BLEK!! I should of thanked her. 

 Sorry I'm rambling, okay back to the subject
Well anyway what I am saying is we trade stuff, not just clothes but furniture, decorations, linens, etc.  I have many things in my house that once were in hers and vice versa. It's great. 
So the before and after today is a chair that once was hers and now is mine. I just changed it a little. 


very cute this way but I'm "trying" to achieve a more neutral look for this house. 

So this is what I did 


Black gloss spray paint, new fabric and now a brand new chair to me!

I agonized a bit about what I would redo it in and what I finally settled on was.....wait for it......

Yes its a drop cloth and yes I actually used it as a drop cloth prior to this little project.  Surprising thing is, I didn't ruin it and it was still in perfect shape. 
 I cut out the cloth with the seam just off center.  I didn't need to use the seamed part but I thought I'd try it and I like the way it turned out.

Now I need to figure out where to put it?


  1. I LOVE IT! And I love that you get to live near Emily! Lucky girl!!!

  2. I know, Im soooo happy but we miss you!!! Come visit!