The Bugs Room

When we moved in to the new house I decided that the girls would share a room. My hope is this will make them better friends over time and I think that it is important they become best friends even thru all the bickering! 

Bedtime was a challenge at first but it's definatly improved over the last month. 

Here are my inspiration photos of what I eventually would like to achieve in my "own" way.

Isn't this lovely? 
You can find more photos of this delightful room here at www.vivafullhouse.blogspot.com

Another favorite 

The bugs room so far..

as you can see it still is a work in progress. 

I found the beds at a barn sale.  $100 for both. They were a putty grey originally so I spray painted them this turquoise color, which I LOVE! 

The wardrobe is from my friend Emily {big surprise} which used to be an ugly brown and now beautiful after she got her hands on it. 

I found these down comforters at Walmart.com which I have to say I am very impressed with! For $30 each they are awesome!

The mirrors are goodwill finds at $2.99 each.

I have to paint the mirrors still and some dust ruffles are in order. I am toying with some other ideas but still undecided

What to do, what to do????
I will keep you posted! 

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