So I had this feeling that this past weekend was going to bring some goodies at the auction. 
I set my eyes on these fabulous cupboards that I saw online ahead of time and thought maybe this would be the very weekend I would FINALLY get to bring one home.......

Nope notta one! 

I guess me being a big ol cheapo doesn't help matters but I just can't seem to find one within my budget....um that would be about $25.... but it's out there waiting for me, I just know it.
 It also helps that Emily is there to remind me of this too! 

So no good on the furniture hunt this weekend but
 OH MY what I did find is going to to knock your socks off! 

Say hello to my sweet, beautiful, oh so lovely, oh my goodness I can't believe you belong to me, amazing collection of Ironstone dishes!

I'm a little excited...can you tell?

I have always been in love with Ironstone and have collected the few pieces I can actually get my hands on here and there but nothing like this

I look at all of it and think
I wonder how long it took to make up a collection like this? 
I wonder how the previous owner displayed the collection?

It was a little more than I would normally spend and I reserve the right {for the happiness of my marriage} to withhold such information. Thank you. Although, the large platter above was free because when I asked the lady who bought the box of stuff that it was in if I might buy it from her, she just handed it to me and said, "Here you can have it." HUH? Okay, she might be the nicest person ever! 

The best part is now I get to use it and here are some ideas for what I might do with it

{ all pictures courtesy of Design Sponge}

If you have your own collection or are interested in starting one of your own
Click on the image above to find out more about it and even tips on how to clean it!

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  1. I love the first collection with the apples. So simple, but wow, it really pops! Well done on your auction score.