Goodwill is good to me

Here is another goodwill find for me. Target soft burlap curtain panel $5.99
I'm very happy with this find especially since I heard it was at the goodwill and it was still there when I finally got to go buy it.
 {emily was there first and told me about it}

What to do with one panel? 

Boy, I wish it would of been two but still to short for my windows...rambling...okay so what to do?

Laying on the floor is the old pillow I was using as the insert for these (below) 

um Emma wasn't really up for a picture but also wouldn't move out of the way
....on another completely unrelated note....
her hair has that baldish area now because she and her little friend decided to give her a nice new haircut for fun. UGH!  
You may not notice but I do and hence feel the need to explain.

The pillow covers are from IKEA and well I'm over them

A little snip, snip and a run through the sewing machine and voila


They are also in keeping with this neutral faze I'm in

this is where I have them in our house
We have this kinda weird area between the entry and the kitchen that has doors on one side and not really a wall on the other? 
I have been perplexed on what to do with it???
Any ideas?
So for now this is where they will sit (in perfect range for my children to wipe their little hands on them EVERY SINGLE TIME they walk pass them) until I can come up with something better.
Oh well.

Seriously though, any ideas?

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