Hurray For a New Year!

Happy New Year!

Im so glad to be back and I'm so glad that I took some time off too!
 I needed a bit of a break with the move to a new house and the holidays, it was a little overwhelming! But now Im getting in to a routine and it feels good to be back doing the things I love! 
The holidays were great this year! I was just looking through some of our photos taken and this one makes me smile...it is our entire family outside on Christmas day, freezing to death just to watch the bugs take the first spin in their new jeep! 
So simple but this is what makes our family so special. 

That is one happy kid on Christmas morning!

So this post is a bit of a hodgepodge because I also wanted to share some of my recent auction finds with you. The thing is that Brian and I have this deal that for now that I'm not allowed to put anymore stuff in the garage.
 UMM lets just say its a little full still from the move and this spring we are having a massive garage sale, yet again but that's another thing altogether. 
That is why this stuff is inside the house already and not in the garage! 

I have big plans for these two pieces

The first is this table I got out of the stinkiest, old, metal, barn I have ever been in.  

Worth the stink because it was....drum roll......
The above picture is deceiving because it needs some TLC as you can see better in the picture below

I'm hiding those spots with books for now!

The second piece is this dresser for the entry way. I was desperate for something the bugs could throw their hats, gloves, school stuff, etc. in, that was by the door and something they could actually get in to themselves. 

This one cost me a little more for than I normally would pay but I waited all day on Saturday for this piece and I wasn't going to let anyone else take it away from me. So $15 later and it is sitting in my entry way. 
Still very cheap, I just sometimes have a warped sense of how much things should cost.

Again the picture is deceiving because this is what it looks like up close

Hopefully I get to Home Depot soon! Im anxious to start these projects, not to mention it is killing me having these in the house this way! 


  1. Um, I need to go with you to find some good furniture (to re-do) ... OMG - LOVE those finds .... and the snow. Down here in south Texas, we NEVER see cold and def. NOT snow.

    Happy New Year!

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  3. Happy New Year! I'm jealous of all of your finds! I never seem to have good luck!

    Hey, send me an email when you get a quick second...I sent you one before winter hiatus and want to chat a bit :) Thanks, Anissa!!