I am in love with white slipcovers and it only makes my obsession worse when every single home interiors magazine I look at (which is a lot) has rooms full of them, not to mention all the blogs that feature these awesome homes with non other than white slipcovers on all of the furniture. 
Yes they do have their list of pros and cons that go along with them.
Yes they get dirty. But you can wash and bleach them.
I guess it just comes down to whether you want to be washing covers every couple of weeks? I spend most of my day in the laundry room anyway so not that big of a deal for me. 
But slipcovered furniture can be expensive....$3000 for a couch. Um only if it will wash itself oh and drive me to the store because well I could buy a car with that kind of money. Not the greatest car but still a CAR!
I thought about the IKEA couch for $399 but then the best thing happened.....I found this lovely lady over at Pink and Polkadot and she will teach you how to make your own! Perfect. 

I set out to find a chair to cover because there is no way I was starting with a couch!

This is what I ended up with
Goodwill $20

Okay, so this will take a little practice and I would suggest giving yourself more than an hour before your husband gets home from work to finish, just so he doesn't ask why you bought this awful chair

here is a peek at the chair midway 
I used a tablecloth that I already owned just in case it was a total flop.  That way I wouldn't feel the pressure of potentially ruining good fabric. It worked well because I just used the hem that was already there and matched it up as I went along.

Okay so this is it all pinned and inside out.
Little tip: Make sure you have enough straight pins for this project before starting, you will need a TON!!

I sewed all the seams and turned the cover right side out and 
here she is all covered up
Not perfect by a mile but also not bad for an hour's worth of work

Next time around I will take my time, have more pins and try to sew a straighter line
It was a good practice run and now Im thinking its time to find a couch. hmmm


  1. Olá, eu adoro seu BLog, sigo você e adicionei seu botão no meu Blog, adoraria que você me fizesse uma visita!

    está emportuguês, mas tem tradutor! Vai lá!

  2. Now that I have a space to do this in I am going to attempt to try. Did you buy the eBook from Pink & Polka Dot or just attempt it on your own? It came out really nice! Great job :)

  3. i need a sewing maching...I'd be doing that by hand. that's great!