Somedays a nap sounds so good 
and I wish I could go back to my grandma's house in NY and sneak in to that peach colored room (oh I said peach) and fall asleep as the warm sun streams in thru the window.  I miss that room and I miss being 5 when a nap was on the daily schedule. 
I can't go back to that room, it's not there anymore, but I love these pictures because they make me think of that place that I loved so much.

what a perfect place to nap

and while we're on the subject of places I would like to spend some time...

I wouldn't mind spending a little here

and I think I would like to end everyday right here

or something close to it
~Mary Ruffle~


Life,  as always has been a little bit crazy around here.
I decided to start working full time and it has prevented me from being able to devote all my spare time to my sewing and blogging. 
Such is life and the bills that come with it!
So bear with me and my non tutorial doing and non sewing posts! 
But until then I will keep you entertained with lovely pictures of lovely things I would love to have one day. 
Which again brings me back to that "job" thing again! 


Happy Valentines Day!

Hope you have a wonderful day with all the people you love!


I had this bright idea the other day that instead of buying really expensive pillows for the grey chairs in my living room I would try to make some that would be close to these

I started with 2 rugs from IKEA, black fabric paint, masking tape

I lined the tape to make my 3 stripes.
in retrospect I could of been a little more creative with this process but I was trying to beat the 
"children napping clock"

a little paint

then its sew the sides, turn inside out, add insert, sew shut
and here are my cheap version of the beloved 
Grain sack Pillow
Oh and they are giant so they would of been really $$$$

food for thought

it's just something to think about....


Do you ever come across a picture of something and it just stops you in your tracks?

I mean in that really good way that makes you swoon a little and think what if?
No, I'm not talking celebrity crushes here (although I understand that completely)

I'm talking about this....

{justine taylor}

It's just so lovely and perfect and yet so practical all at the same time. 

I have been on the hunt for exactly these two cabinets and although I know they are sitting in some barn or yucky basement waiting for me, I can't help but long for them. 

Oh one day this will be my kitchen too. 

A girl can dream.


So I was saying on Saturday that I was so excited to go wedding dress shopping with my girlfriend.  
 She has this very cool vintage style about her and I was dying every time she came out of the fitting room wearing one amazing gown after another.  

Her favorites all looked like a cross between Anthropologie and Vera Wang. 
It was such a fun day full of gorgeous dresses and women acting like little girls playing dress up.
Not only were the dresses simply stunning but the accessories....oh my goodness, I can't believe how many options you have now! 
Unfortunately I don't have actual pictures to show you from Saturday ( it seems some stores don't want you taking pictures of their dresses) but I searched and found pictures of the belt she is going to wear with her dress. 


are you dying? I am.

Here are a few more options she had to choose from, all of them just gorgeous

Oh it makes me want to do it all over again!


We have been in serious need of new lighting in our entry way.
Lets just say that I am not a fan of the overhead lighting that came with this house. 
So I am on a mission to change all of it and sooner than later.
 Which leads me to this lovely little light I found at where else...goodwill. 
Granted there are tons of other lights I could see myself wanting more than this less than beautiful one but none that could compete with the $6.99 tag. 


 black spray paint later


I figure for that price I can get sick of it sooner and change it without guilt. 
But for now, I love it. 


Last summer my friend asked me to be in her wedding and I'm so excited....do you know
I LOVE weddings?
Well that is to put it lightly because I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!
That is why, even though I don't normally post on Saturdays, I had to because well, she asked me to go wedding dress shopping with her this weekend! 
Hopefully she lets me bring my camera along but for now here is some eye candy in honor of the upcoming event

{all images mary ruffle}


I came across this the other day while traveling in blog world and it reminded me how true this statement is and how lucky I am to be able to stay at home with my kids. I realize that while laundry and PB&J's aren't  glamorous work they have somehow become my most fulfilling.


Have a great weekend!