Snow days

The weather is going crazy around here but we have heat and electricity so who's complaining. 
Im trying to take my own advice (below) and use these days cooped up inside in a productive way. 
Here are a few photos of what I have been doing around here....what have you been doing to keep from going stir crazy??
{paint some tables that were gifted to me}
I am painting them the color on the left. They were a little to yellowy cream for my house. 

a can of paint and a very long day later....everything is painted!

I've also had a lot of motivation to get this house in order. 
We have been here 2 months now. Its coming along.
Here is some of my progress so far!

this mirror was also painted yesterday...i was obsessed
this picture bugs me a little (i don't like the way the dishes in the back look but I am trying to be less OCD about this stuff so I decided to show the picture anyway. Trying.....

the ruffled pillows I made and decided to fill with real goose down and now they shed everywhere
tip: always line any goose down pillow...oops

pretty things

umm, yes the wardrobe is no longer in the girls room and now it's for coats by the back door....nothing ever stays the same for long around here
yes that dresser is missing its hardware....still a work in progress, its another goodwill purchase

 Meet Punkin
he is our little house guest for a month
so sweet and what a good lil' doggie!

a little inspiration on your way upstairs

my slipcovered chair made it's way to the living room already!

giant spoon {auction}

{awesome goodwill find}
we had to paint it and put new pulls on but all the other hardware came with it...WOW!

Hope you are enjoying your own snow days
Stay warm!


  1. Your house is gorgeous! We moved like 9 months ago and I feel like my house still isn't "put together" :( Maybe you've inspired me!!

    Happy Friday :)

  2. Thanks for the kind remarks! You guys inspire me!!