I go through these fazes where I start something, stop, start it again, change it, scrap the whole project and move on to something else. But there are also times when I think, "okay maybe I'm done with this" at least for awhile. 

The bugs room in our new house was giving me a headache. 
I couldn't figure out the lay out of the room and I couldn't decide on what furniture was going in there and all in all it was becoming a pain so I scraped the whole thing for awhile. 
I mean it's not like they cared where their beds went or what or wasn't on the walls. 
But ahhhh I think I figured it out. 
All I needed to do was move them in to a totally different room in our house! Of course. right?
 So now my old sewing room is the bugs room, the playroom is the bugs old room and my new sewing room is well more like a large closet under the stairs.  But it works so I'm good.

old room
 this room is very long and narrow and I felt like I was wasting a ton of space 

new room
the room is a bit smaller but so much cozier

Avery's self portrait of herself as a fairy and Emma's own unique creation
hang above the nite stand along with Avery's watercolor of a dinosaur
I love kids art framed and they love seeing their work on display

both of the girls have these chalkboard signs from Pottery Barn hanging at the ends of their beds


I am making some serious progress at a snails pace.
Does that make sense?
I don't know? But what I do know is that I have yet to have the bedroom I adore.
I mean we have lived a lot of places by now and seriously my bedroom has yet to be my focus. I don't know why?
 I mean doesn't Nate Berkus say it is our "sanctuary".
Well, awhile back I made up my mind that I would finally just go ahead and plunk done the money and have the bedroom I wanted! 
Then we had to pay taxes. 
Ho Hum
So now I am on the "budget plan" and honestly it's fine because well I just can't imagine really spending $1800 on a bed, even if it is the bed of my dreams.

My kind and loving husband has decided (with much prompting) that yes he will make me my upholstered headboard. 
( hopefully I will be able to show it soon)
But while I patiently wait I have started a little decorating to move the process along. 

I keep seeing collage walls all over the place and I have to admit I kinda love 'em.

Source not sure?

pottery barn

Domino (oh how I miss you)

Isabella and Max Rooms

{Here is a little peek at what I have been working on}
 I am sure that it will change ( I need some letters or something else still) before the big reveal but I was excited with the start of it all

my new drapes are what else....drop clothes

I saw the quote on Mary Ruffle, wrote it on a piece of brown package paper and stuck in this frame
I love it when things are pretty and free!

my pillows are waiting patiently for the headboard too

Hopefully it won't be to long now....FINGERS CROSSED